GMO Corn The specialized crop

Corn is the worlds most modified crop. There are about 142 different types of corn

The most common type of GMO corn is called BT corn. It is made with bacillus thuringiensis that produces toxin that destroys the gut of invaiding pests. This is made with the DNA of bacteria found in soil.

Ernst Berliner came up with the idea when Bt killed a moth.

There are many pros and cons to GMOs. The pros are that it can let farmers not use pesticides. It can also allow for crops to be more resilient to conditions. The crops can also be planted early because they can resist frost.

There are a lot of cons too. The first thing is that they don't know how GMOs affects humans. The GMOs are also threatening organic farms because if one seed is introduced it could ruin there license. The price of non-GMO seeds is increasing making it harder for small farmers.

I believe that GMOs are a bad thing they are not just changing crops but also people's lives. Farmers are having trouble competing against the farmers using GMOS.


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