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SALON OverDrive & Lucky Day

What is Lucky Day?

Lucky day is a special collection offered through our OverDrive web portal. Lucky Day allows us to designate copies of high-demand digital titles as non-holdable and non-renewable. Lucky Day copies are available on a first come, first served basis, providing instant gratification and allowing patrons to “skip the line” for top titles when visiting SALON.

Lucky Day will show up on the SALON Webpage and Libby as a collection where you can skip the line for holds

Things you should know.

  • Items will have no holds allowed.
  • The loan period is 7 days with no renewals.
  • The item will be automatically returned and be available in the Lucky Day section again after 7 days. Borrowers can also return the item early.
  • If you have a hold on a title and see it in Lucky Day Collection you can borrow it from the Lucky Day Collection and it will not affect your hold.
  • Borrowers will only be limited to 1 Lucky Day item at a time, but can return an item early if they wish.
  • The Lucky Day collection is at the top of the Salon page, but if there are no lucky day items currently available then the collection will be hidden. As soon as an item is available the collection will be come visible.
  • We will be adding more items to the lucky day collection!

New Early Literacy STEAM Kit

Magna-tiles Kit

If you aren't familiar with magna-tiles then there is a quick video below but in short they are plastic shapes that can join together by internal magnets. They are a lot of fun--trust me.

Feel free to borrow the kits for you storytimes, your lego clubs, events, or for a little extra fun during the week. If you request the kit I will ship it to you via the delivery.

The kit includes 2-100 piece sets, containers, and imagination books. You are welcome to borrow these items for 1 or 2 week increments. They aren't up on our website yet--I'll let everyone know when they are--but in the meantime if you wish to borrow them please email me.

Recommended age 3+

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GOAT 2020 April 23rd

Illusion of the Year

Created By
Jack Scott


Created with an image by Lidya Nada - "Happy Face"