Amsterdam Miniatures 'Small things are cute' .

1. Droogbak. City view on a pleasant shopping street

As a child I dreamed, just like at Gulliver's travels, that I could fly and everything around me would be small, I could see streets and people from above from a bird's eye view. Years later to accomplish this I did some research, built my own photo lenses and refined my technique.

Flimsy tiny scenes of Amsterdam houses may seem cute, but from this high point view angle it seems fragile and looks like it should be handled delicately.

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2. Jordaan. Can you discover the crime scene?

The richness of features in these photographs makes them highly appealing to our senses. The viewer is drawn into the scene. Part of our attraction to these miniatures may be that they provide our sensory-seeking brains with highly concentrated dosages of tantalizing stimulation.

3. Facades of Amsterdam. The beautiful facades of the Jordaan

These miniature dollhouses and buildings allow your imagination to escape into scenarios that are vastly different from our everyday lives.

4. Shop nr. 19. Glimpse to a store in Amsterdam.

The (always ongoing) Amsterdam miniature series has been created by carefully finding interesting high points in the city and using a very technical perspective control lens. By turning some details in focus, our mind perceives the scene into this dollhouse effect.

5. Piet Heinkade. Living on the water in Amsterdam.
6. Small terraces. Also the rear side of the canal houses are beautiful
7. Small gardens. Beautiful little roof gardens.
8. Yellow tourist. The other side of the Zuiderkerk.
9. Kloveniersburgwal. The beautiful facades of Amsterdam
10. City garden. Enjoy the roof terrace

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