What is matter? By Aimee Strickland


Matter is everything around you. Atoms and molecules are all composed of matter. Matter is anything that has mass and takes up space. If you are new to the idea of mass, it is the amount of stuff in an object.

Pure Substance

Any single type of material. The Pure Substance within chemistry is a very simple to grasp. Pure Substance are defined as substances that are made of only one type of atom or only one type of molecule. The measure of whether a substance is pure is known as purity. Examples of Pure Substances: Tin, Sulfur, Diamond, Water pure sugar, Table salt, Baking Soda.


If all of the atoms in a substance have the same identity, that substance is an element. An element cannot be broken down into smaller components.


Is a substance in which the atom of two or more elements are chemically combined. There are many types of compound, like carbon dioxide


Is a material made up of two or more substances that can be easily separated by physical means.

Homogeneous Mixture

Blended evenly throughout. For example, air is a homogeneous mixture of gases.


Solution is a Homogeneous Mixture of particles so small that they cannot be seen without a microscope and will never settle to the bottom of their container. Solutions remain constantly and evenly mixed. Example- Salt Water

Heterogeneous Mixture

A Heterogeneous Mixture is a combination of two or more pure substances retain their chemical properties. In some mixtures, the initial substances cannot be detected after they have been mixed.


Heterogeneous Mixture containing a liquid in which visible particles settle. The path of light is visible inside the Heterogeneous Mixture.


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