Earth,Seasons and Moon by oreo

Nile river

the nile river produced crops during the yearly flud in acient egiption times

Earth rotation

The spinning rotation of earth about its axis

Earths revolution

the movement of an object around onother


Tells the month and day of the year

Earth tilt

The Earths tilt causes season


June is the brightest and longest lasting day in the northern hemispher


shortest amount of light for the year


the time of year were we start to gain light in the northern hemisphere


the month of the year were we loose light

Moons motion around Earth on its axis

The sideral month is the time it takes to make one complete obit around earth


The moon has phases because of the way sunlight hits the moon

Solar eclipses

When the moon the moon blocks the sun and cast a shadow

Lunar eclipses

the moon appears darkened as it passes through earths shadow

High tides
Spring tides
Neap tide


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