BSD Battleship Portfolio By Jamie O'Neill

In September we learned of the battleship project. We were told that we had to make a cannon that could shoot a ball accurately into a bin using only air as power. Off of this we had no idea what our design would look like. We knew we would have many challenges overcoming this challenge so we got to work on creating the perfect cannon.

We began by building the PVC skeleton of our cannon. our cannon would be built in a U shape with one side being used to hold the pressure in the cannon and on the the other side being used as the area where we shoot. To be sure no parts would shoot off during our firing we used a large amount of primer.
Here we cut into the PVC to a=hold the air gauge that would be used to add air the cannon. this was an important piece that we had to be sure was tightly glued down as it would be the first thing that would come flying out.
We took a break from building by learning how to use the tiny computer that is Ardiuno. The Arduino is a small circuit board where we could program certain commands like have it count down or turn on lights in a particular order. The original idea was to use the electric panel to start the rocket. We never utilized this in the final design but we learned this new tool in our process.
These are our designs that we would cut out of wood using the laser and then attach to our cannon after putting angle measurements on them. We would use these to measure the Y and Z axis of our cannon. By creating our own tool we were able have it fit nicely on our cannon and allow us to have accurate measurements.
We decided that using parts from an old bike would be useful as it would come with a movable axis for both the y and z The wheel would be used as the y to increase the height of the shot and the handle bars would be used as the z to change where would be shooting.
To continue the theme of a bike made cannon we wanted the base to be made of bike parts. But to do that we needed to solder the parts together. We were lucky enough to be able have a professional come to help us. We all took turns putting the pieces together but when we were done we found the base to be crooked. So we had to improvise, we cut the whole thing in half and re-soldered it together to be a level plane and then sanded down any of the excess metal.
Our final design came together but we knew that we had to give it a paint job. We also chose to name it Battleship Ri-Ri after Rihanna's terrific performance in the movie "Battleship"
Our design was done but we thought we could do better. We added an attachment that would hold our battery while the machine was being fired. we also added a switch so we could flick on and off the cannon when we wanted to fire.
Here we are finally firing the cannon outside. we were proud to see the machine working. We had half of our member on one side firing the rocket while recording angle and air pressure. The other members recorded the distance of the ball. we were happy to see the protractor on the cannon matched the angle we found using our phones. The project was an overall success because we were able to accurately measure our firing.

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