Diver By: Cheyenne Peterman

What Do Divers Do?

Divers film sea turtles for an educational documentary, help build underwater structures, rig underwater explosives for a bridge demolition, and salvage treasure from an ancient shipwreck.

What Is Their Pay Scale?

Min. is 15,000. U.S. Mean Annual Wage is 48,320. Diver is 45,890

The Key Requirements

The key requirements are a fondness for physical activity and adventure, and the ability to stay calm and collected in stressful conditions.

What Degrees Do You Have To Have?

To be a diver, you have to have an Associates Degree or a Vocational Degree.

Subjects To Study In High School

You have to study Physics, algebra; if available, marine biology.

Projected Growth

It grows more faster than the average (21% or more)

Related Occupations

Some of the related occupations are Hunter and Trappers, Fallers, Pipe Layers, Earth Driller (Except oil and gas), Railroad Brake

Education and Training

Whenever you are in training, you have to have a high school diploma or a GED and you have to be certified through the commercial diving school.

Nature of Work

They are related to construction, repair, salvage, repair, etc. The exact tools that they use depend on what the job might be. They usually include wet suits, dry suits, hot-water heated suits, diving belts, decompression chamber, full face masks and air compressors.

Work Environment

Commercial divers spend hours in wet suits, scuba gear, swimming around bodies of water. They swim from freezing oceans to murky lakes.

On The Job

Install, inspect, clean, and repair piping and valves, Descend into water with the aid of diver helpers, using scuba gear or diving suits, Set up dive sites for recreational instruction, Cultivate and harvest marine species, and perform routine work on fish farms, etc.

Companies That Hire

Aqueos. Oceaneering International, Inc. United States Navy.


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