Violent Video Games Mansour, Dina

Violent Video Games destroy the minds of little kids and can make them hateful.

Violent video Games plant the image of war and hate in their hearts and minds.

Violent video games can make kids addicted to this type of games and can make them lonely

This type of games make the kids feel that they no longer need to socialize with their peers.

Violent video games can make the kids aggressive in nature, and can make them angry all the time

You do not think violent video games are bad? It is understandable. However, look at the affects they have on little kids and how they change them entirely. Little kids are meant to have a simple and peaceful childhood, and violent video games take that away form them.

Created By
Dina Mansour


Created with images by superanton - "video games joy-stick games" • permanently scatterbrained - ""Freeze, capitalist swine!"" • AZRainman - "Combat Kid" • Sherif Salama - "Savage Wii Boxing Match" • ann_jutatip - "child 3" • isakarakus - "aggressive aggressive child child" • stevendepolo - "Angry Girl Frown May 13, 20102" • AngryJulieMonday - "Angry Kid aka G.I. Joe" • Swiss James - "stick fighting"

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