Øyvind Rinaldo / Norwegian Coastal Administration Member of the Nansen Legacy Reference Group

Which interest do you have in the Barents Sea and Arctic as a whole?

The Barents Sea and Arctic is a rich and complex area with regard to climate, food sources, other natural resources and geopolitical importance. To understand and manage the Arctic better we need to learn more.

What interests you with the Nansen Legacy?

Effects of the changing climate / Different spices and ecosystems vulnerability to pollution (acute pollution) / Knowledge to boost Ecosystem Based Management

What do you think Nansen Legacy researcher could learn from you or your organization?

Nansen Legacy researchers could learn how we do our part of managing the area and what data, knowledge and information we need to manage as good as possible. We base our input to management plans on science, our own data, knowledge and experience. We can learn a lot from the Nansen Legacy researchers and by understanding our objectives, the researchers can learn how to aim their research at both science and management.

How do you envision a fruitful dialogue with the Nansen Legacy project?

A fruitful dialog has to be a combination of open and exploring while having a clear agenda. The topics the Norwegian Coastal Administration as a governmental agency want to have a dialog with scientists about are important, and just as important are the things that we do not know that we do not know. They can only be explored in an open dialog.

[Pictures (c) The Norwegian Coastal Administration]