Cells By IFiok sunday-edemidioNg

Down Below are scanned photos of the lab reports that created in Biology class! They took some time, but were worth it in the end!

A lab report based off of the object that I personally chose to be looked at under the microscope.
The onion cell lab was a pretty simple lab
The tomato cell doesn't need a stain since it's not transparent
The potato lab has a lot of leucoplast within it
For me, this lab took a lot of time and was very tedious

Cell Parts Defenitions


the brain of the cell that holds the genetics blueprints for a cell

Nuclear Envelope

a membrane that surrounds or envelops the nucleus and its contents

Nuclear Pore

a channel in the envelope that controls the transportation of molecules between the nucleus and cytoplasm


the nucleolus is the brain of the nucleus, controlling the rewriting of RNA, combining them with proteins

Cell Membrane

a double layer of lipids and proteins that bounds cells and forms structures within them

Cell Wall

a thicker, more rigid outer shell of plant, fungi, and bacteria cells


an organelle found in cells that are responsible for the production of respiration and energy


the organelle in the cytoplasm of a cell that contain degradative enzymes


a particle in a cell that contains the RNA and and proteins associated with it

Golgi Apparatus

technically the bladder of a cell involved with waste managment and intracellular transport


storage bubble found in cells that store food or any nutrients a cell my need to survive

Endoplasmic Reticulum

a network of membranous Tubules involved in protein and lipids synthesis


they help with cell divisions and sexual reproduction of cells


the material or protoplasm within a living cell


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