Personal Personality Type By: Quinn Travis

I am slightly more introverted and intuition. I prefer feeling over thinking and perceiving over judging. This means I am INFP. Introverted(22%), iNtuitive(9%), Feeling(28%), Perceiving(3%). To describe INFP I would say that these type of people never lose their sense of wonder. These people have the ability to see the good in almost anyone and everyone. Generally these people go back and forth from reality to fantasy whether that be through books or making up imaginary friends.

The personalty type hat is the exact opposite of me would be ESTJ. These people prefer extraverted, sensing, thinking, and judging. These people are joiners and seek out like-minded people in a social environment. These people are inclined to find out where they came from and go through their family heritage. They love to provide and receive good service and are not very lazy. These people are very good at making impersonal decisions quickly and tend to stand by them.

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