New Beginnings Ministry update

Happy New Year to you and to your family!

One of the blessings of this time of the year is the chance it gives me to extend my greetings for this season and my gratitude for your partnership. May this year be filled with joy, overflowing with God's love and provision. 2016 was a year of breakthrough and many encounters of God's faithfulness. It was also a year of struggles and challenges in our ministry and in our personal lives. Nonetheless, I thank God that we are not consumed knowing that he loves us and gave us the ability to start a new.

Let me share some of the highlights last year. But we are still believing that God will gave us growth this year.

In the beginning of the year 2016 the church moved to a larger place in the center of downtown to cater more attendees (specifically students) this location is just a walking distance to the campuses around downtown. This is one of the highlight and a big step of faith for us believing that God will bring in the harvest.

True enough God brought in the harvest, this year we had two sunday services, we had three victory weekend, and multiple dicipleship trainings. It catered most of our students and helped them in biblical foundations and equiped them in making disciples. Our vision for this center is to be a place of equipping leaders around region 8.

It was also this year we jump started a weekly youth service every fridays. I still remember way back 2015, we were busy strengthening our small group and slowly increasing in number. We started campus night once a month it gave way to more students being discipled. Numbers grew. New volunteers came who are willing to run the youth service. Our ministry continued to grow until this year came and we are able to do it on a weekly basis. This was a breakthrough for us! Still there are many rooms for growth for the coming years.

We also started our highschool campus ministry this year. Now we have multiple small groups in different highschool campuses in Tacloban.

Two years ago in Cebu we sent seven delegates for the Leaders' Camp. While this year we sent almost 40 delagates in Cebu for the Leaders' Convergence. Another proof of God's faithfulness! Next year we are believing to send 80 delegates for the Unashamed Asia Conference in Manila.

We all know that the vision in reaching the next generation is greater than what we can accomplish alone. We are glad that their are people who are willing to run with us in embracing the great commission. It was this year we were able to build a core team in every nation campus Tacloban from different campuses. I still remember last month the three of us Nessa, Blessy and me had to leave for the staff summit. We still have youth service then because it wasn't sem break yet. We were able to maximize our time in Manila and get mentoring from different leaders because our core team and a group of volunteers run the youth service without us. Believing that one day God will raise up campus missionaries from them.


Victory Tacloban

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