Meet the Councillors Greens Norton Parish Council

We are delighted to introduce Greens Norton Parish Council to you. Outlined below is a brief introduction to all of the Parish Council Members and the Clerk. Should you have any questions or would like to find out more please get in touch with Linda Paice, the Clerk of Greens Norton Parish Council.

Chris Bowmer

I am currently Chair of the Council, this means I am required to run the meetings and I am the direct point of contact between meetings for the Clerk – who is an employee of the council – and the village or Councillors. This typically means quite a lot of reading and e-mails to at least be clear about what is going on. I also appear to have become the planning expert, a role I would happily relinquish.

I joined the Parish Council in 2014 as a co-opted member and was recently re-elected as Chair after the last local elections in April 2021, the first elections in the Parish for over 30 years. The focus of the Parish Council is on the health and wellbeing of Parishioners, all the things we do are designed for this and the list is longer than you think – Community Centre, Playing Field, Pocket Park, Jubilee Gardens, Allotments, Village Green. Street Lights, Grass cutting, grit bins, Phone box, dog poo bins, Fireworks

Cricket dominates my leisure, I prepare the wicket and run the village cricket club as Secretary, as well as still managing to play. This year the club is expanding and hopes to have two teams a week, which will be fun. I read widely with particular reference to my work, as a result we are one of very few firms nationally who focus on the wellbeing of our clients, a number of people have lead me along that route rather than one although the king of lifestyle financial planning is George Kinder.

Get in touch: cllrcbowmer@gmail.com

Linda Paice

I have been in Local Government as a Parish Clerk for the last 22 years working firstly for Silverstone shortly joined by Greens Norton. Subsequent to that I clerked for Shutlanger for seven years and now also in addition to GN cover Blakelsey and Whittlebury.

I moved to the village 41 years ago with my husband who worked for BASF in London later York Fitness in Daventry until his retirement. I brought along with me two sons aged 3 and 1 both of whom went to the village school and Sponne. My younger son Andrew now runs his own flooring business, Paice Flooring in Towcester and David the oldest has been building his camper van business in Sydney now for the last 14 years where he lives with his partner and 6 year old daughter.

I have lived in a village all my life, am a great believer in community involvement and am never likely to be a person who does nothing -an absolute clone of my mother.

Get in touch: clerk@greensnortonparishcouncil.org.uk

Charlie Croft

Charlie Croft was newly elected to Greens Norton Parish Council in May this year (2021). He has lived in Duncote for twenty eight years where he and his wife have brought up their two children and they have many friends in the local area.

Charlie feels passionately about protecting Greens Norton and the surrounding area as a place of rural beauty which offers the community a traditional life style but at the same time provides contemporary facilities so that future generations continue to enjoy living here.

As a Parish Councillor Charlie wants to make a difference and aims to work hard in order to achieve both the above goals.

Get in touch: cllr.charlie.croft@gmail.com

Caroline Trotter

I have had the privilege of living at Field Burcote, Duncote for the past 25 years with my husband Tim and our two sons, Alex and Ollie. Now that our boys are making their own lives in London, I decided to fill the void with other interests including the Greens Norton Parish Council and have now served 7 months. Over that time, I have seen plenty of changes, many of which have been good, but I don't wish to see Greens Norton being converted from a village to a large housing development. Greens Norton is a lovely place to live, so any changes being made should provide a better quality of life to all those that live within, and as your Councillor this will be at the forefront of my involvement.

My hobbies include caring for our menagerie, 18 alpacas, 2 horses and 3 dogs, training dogs, walking, golf, charity work and spending time with friends and family.

The internet definition of the role of a parish councillor: “By becoming a parish councillor you become someone your community will look to for help, guidance and support, influencing decisions for the benefit of the people you serve”. Let us know how we can help, guide and support you!

Get in touch: cllrtrotter@gmail.com

Peter Agness

Prior to moving to the village I lived in the Northampton area for many years and 5 years ago moved here to be closer to family. I have been a co-opted member of the parish council for the last 4 years. Since arriving I have been an active member of the old village hall committee and I am now a trustee of the charity.

Get in touch: cllrpagness@gmail.com

Trevor Collier

Trevor Collier has lived in the village since 2014 when he and his wife Helen moved from Brackley. They chose Greens Norton for its size, amenities and the fact that it has an active community feel which after a career traveling the world for work was an important factor for Trevor.

Since moving to the village Trevor has become involved in the Greens Norton 50 Plus club serving a term as chairman and is also a Trustee of the Community Centre Association both of which reflect a desire to help community activities. Trevor decided to join the Parish Council as a way to help enhance and nurture the village community.

Get in touch: cllr.trevor.collier@gmail.com

Stephen Pentland

Steve Pentland was elected to the Parish Council in 2021. Steve has lived adjacent to the village since 2005 and has become integrally involved in a number of aspects of it during that time, including inspiring and playing a lead role in the funding, purchase, refurbishment and rescue of the Butchers Arms pub in 2017 for Greens Norton and the wider community and continues to play an active part as one of five Directors.

Steve is married to Tina with a blended family of four children (Louise, Tiyana, Hollie & Ben) and two grandchildren to date (Darcy & Pearl). Committed to his Christian faith, Steve also enjoys supporting Northampton Saints, F1 & F2 motor racing, exploring the world, running, walking, socialising, music and is a keen photographer. Steve believes strongly in the values of equality, community and giving back to society. He brings 35 years' experience of building and running businesses and applies a listening and creative approach to find outcomes that benefit all.

Get in touch: cllr.steve.pentland@outlook.com

Stephen Hodgkinson-Soto

Stephen Hodgkinson-Soto is newly elected to Greens Norton Parish Council this year. Stephen moved to the village in September 2018 with his Partner Antonio, and their 2 children AJ (9 years old) and Gracie (8 years old). Both children attend Greens Norton Primary School.

Stephen and his family chose Greens Norton in order to be close to family. Stephen's Mum lives in the village, and his Sister is in Towcester. Stephen was raised in Towcester from the ages of 10 - 15 years old before moving to California where he remained until 2017.

Stephen chose to join the Parish Council in order to be able to give back to this special community. "The village and community have been very welcoming to our family since we moved here. I was particularly impressed with the way people came together and supported one another during the pandemic". I want to be able to do my part and help improve the community through the Parish Council."

You can contact Stephen directly at for any questions, suggestions, concerns or comments. "I am looking forward to serving the community," he says.

Get in touch: councillorstephenhs@gmail.com

Stephen Hiscock

Having spent over 40 years in Her Majesty’s Diplomatic Service Stephen retired as High Commissioner to Guyana and Ambassador to Suriname in 2006. After a short period for re-settlement back in the UK he was re-employed as a permanent part-time consultant by his previous employer. After commuting from Kent to Hanslope Park for several years he and his wife, Dee, were able to move closer to his work when Dee decided to retire from her job in Canterbury.

“We were delighted to find our cottage in Greens Norton which we occupied at the end of January 2017. We have been made most welcome in the village. I became a nominated member of the Parish Council when a vacancy arose in 2018 and was elected to serve for a further period at the recent election. If you see me on your travels around the village I am happy to discuss any ideas you might have about the Parish Council’s facilities or any concerns you might have about them.”

Get in touch: Cllr.shiscock@gmail.com

Jane Docking

My name is Jane Docking and I have lived in Greens Norton for 21 years. I have 3 children who attended the village school and in their time there I chaired both the PTA and Governors. I am married to Alan who is Australian but has been in the UK since the 1970's.

We very much enjoy village life and both have businesses locally - Alan's are connected to Motorsport based at Silverstone and mine is retail based on the High Street in Towcester.

I enjoy being part of the Parish Council and will endeavour to serve the village as best I can in this capacity.

Get in touch: Cllr.jfdocking@gmail.com

Darrel Ince

I am a retired professor of Computing and currently editor of the Greens Norton News. My main hobby is reading: both very serious non-fiction books and not so serious crime books.

I have lived in the village for 38 years with all my children attending the local school. I decided to stand as a councillor as I felt I should give something back to the community; a community which has shown me kindness and help over the last 30 odd years.

Get in touch: cllrdarrelince@gmail.com

Sorrel Shepherd Cross

I have lived in the village for just over 30 years, and have been a Parish Councillor for around half that time. I have a busy life with a very large garden, in which we host the village fete. I’m lucky enough to have my grandchildren living in the village and I am a very hands on grandmother!

Get in touch: sorrelsc@hotmail.co.uk