The 3D Printed Boat Challenge Holdens cool Boat

Boat In Tinker Cad

For the boat design, I had used the big hulls to displace the water. The hulls were open and Hollow, to give the boat a lower density. The idea is that the hull should displace enough water so that the weight of the water displaced will be more than the weight of the boat. Which means the boat will float according to the rules of buoyancy.

The Finished Boat

My Boat was able to hold more then 3 coins because, it was bigger then most of the other boats, because it was completely hollow and was able to displace more water then most boats. The Hulls could easily store the coins and they could not fall out of the boat. My Boat was able to stay afloat due to the large hulls displacing a a lot of water. In conclusion My boat worked because the Hulls were able to displace a lot of Water and my Boat was able to float.

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