Recognizing and Revising Self-Talk Patterns

This is about recognizing fixed- and growth-mindset and then being able to keep that growth-mindset. There are three inner voices that influence us on a daily basic. Some effect us in a bad way and brings us down, while some effect us in a good way and brings us up.

Inner Critic

Inner Critic is like a judge. If you have this inner voice you tend to blame yourself or complain about yourself. An example of inner critic is saying you are not good enough.

Example of inner critic

I would usually not get this type of inner voice in my life. At the few times that I do get them, I mostly would catch myself when doing it. The situations that i get them is when i do something wrong and make an mistake.

Inner Defender

Inner Defender is like a defender like the name says. Instead of blaming or complaining oneself, it judges others. It tends to fend off criticism and punishment from others. An example of inner defender is like saying I would have gotten a A if the teacher was better.

Example of Inner Defender

This is the most hated inner voice to me.My thoughts on this inner voice is like putting the blame on someone or something that is your own fault. I try to catch this as so as this inner voice appear and correct it.

Inner Guide

Inner Guide is like a guide or inner mentor. It gives a wise viewpoint about ourselves and others. It does not attack oneself. The inner guide tells us the truth about reality. An example of inner guide is like saying I did this, so now I need to correct it

This the inner voice that I get the most. I hate getting this inner voice because it is always right. I try to listen to it when it comes. I believe this inner is the most helpful to become successful

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