The Moai stutues were built in honor the chief or important people that had died. The bigger the stutues more grater the tribe that has them. This tell how important the Moai stutues were making death of people and how powerful the tribe are.

The Moai stutues can be different high the average high is 4 meters and go up to is 12 meters tall and they can weigh 72 tons

There are many theories on how the Moai move around the island. There are two theory that the Most accepted then the other. The transport by roller, the stutues would of stood up right on rolling log. The roller would of been made out of long,straight. The second theory is walking by rocking,the Rapa Nui would of tide rope to the maoi stutues at the the back,the right side and the left side not front became is could fall on them

An alternative method of transportation goff the Moai could of bee Rapa Nui people rolled the stutues on to boat to get to place to place and rolled the stutues in to place

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