Stephen Hawking By brandon

Born-January 8 1942 hasn't died yet

Best known for-hawking radiation and the book A Brief History of Time

What makes him so important?-He had been known a lot for his space and time theories. But mostly his famous discovery on how black holes emit some radiation. But how only that stuff made him famous. He also had als a very bad disese more about als on the next pargraph.

What did he do to change our world?-Well rember about the black hole radiation. Well prior to that it was thought that nothing could escape it's gravity cause how enourmous it is. Which then changed how black holes were thought about. So back to the als he was diagnosed with it in collge and the doctors said he had a short amount of time to live. Wrong!!!!!! He is still alive check what day he was born and what time it is now (year and day I mean) so yeah and the als made him work harder which surprises me cause it seems like he would just stop. So to me that makes him more important and specail.

How did he infuence us-Well he infuenced a lot of people and changed alot so yeah. 1 science-changed how scientists thought about black holes then.2 people who are sick- he proved that if you think more about what you still can do you can do it. So a lot of strong adjectives like perserve,outgoing,determind and special. And why he influenced me he made me think people with disabilities can do what ever they can still do. And hearing what he heard that he had 2 and a half more years to live that makes you wonder what was he thinking right then? So yeah.

FUN FACTS!!! 1.He has to be in a wheel chair and use a touch pad andvoice synthesizer case of the als 2.He has been on the tv show the simpsons and the big bang theory. 3.Born on the 300th anniversary death of galileo 4.Married 2 times 3 children.5 recived the presidential medal of freedom in 2009 6 hopes to be able to go to soace one day.

That is the end there are some extra pictures after this so I guess bye then bbbyyyeee!!!!!!!!

Dark matter makes up most of universe

Starting of a black hole

You know this solar system

I just thought this looked cool

Black hole again but also thought was cool

Not done haha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just plain cool

Learn new things every day


WEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! ( just did this for fun )

Made by Brandon


Bye bye now (and no you don't have to solve that)


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