Depeche Mode 9.24.17

We don't want to say too much about this show - words just don't do it justice. When legends take our stage, all that's left to do is sit back and listen.

Before Depeche Mode, as the sun set on another perfect, breezy night on The Pavilion lawn, War Paint took the stage. This prog-rock group out of LA has a flair for the adventurous and experimental - it showed on The Pavilion's stage. With streaming melodies and driving bass lines, we had a hard time keeping ourselves from swaying along with every loosely aligned verse and chorus.

The crowd showed up early on Sunday night - the lawn and seats were already well-filled by the time War Paint started their set.

The Pavilion erupted as Gahan, Gore and Fletcher took the stage. Each a legend and icon in their own right, it was a little bit surreal to see them all on stage, together, rocking. They've been to The Pavilion before...it's just never felt quite this big.
Gahan is just an epic performer. Depeche Mode's songs are classic and unforgettable and part of the reason that's true is Gahan's seriously impressive stage presence. He danced his way through this killer 90 minute set with the energy and angst and love that he always has. Again, it's not something you can describe - you just had to be there.
Oh, we may have forgotten to mention: Sunday's crowd was a packed house. With close to 16,000 people in attendance, Sunday night was more than just a show - it was an experience. The kind of experience people tell their kids about. The kind that's worth remembering. It was clear that Depeche Mode aimed to create a moment in which all 16,000 fans could collide, laugh, dance and sing. Together. To say they succeeded is a massive understatement.

As a part of their encore, Depeche Mode covered David Bowie's "Heroes". We got wrapped up in this transient tribute to a legend who left too soon.

A night we will not forget at our favorite place in the world. Thanks for being a part of it!

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