Our cultures in food Exploring the cultural significance of Asian food and its representation in America

Many reductive stereotypes about foods from other cultures exist, and they often erase important aspects of the varied culinary traditions of other countries. International gastronomy often isn't accurately represented or portrayed in American culture and media, if at all. In this package, El Estoque examines foods unique to many of the Asian cultures in the MVHS community, revealing the cultural and familial significance behind them while at the same time juggling various perspectives and opinions from students on the misrepresentation of these dishes.

Americanized Asian cuisine


Created with images by Jakub Kapusnak - "Korean Food Bibimbap with Kimchi" • rawkkim - "Gimbap is one of the favorite foods of Koreans. It’s also a great dish to eat vegetables together. If you are traveling to Korea, try gimbap. You won’t regret it." • Andrea Leon - "untitled image" • Alain - "Braised pork rice"