How to be a responsible digital citizen!

Read these rules to understand better how to deal with COPYRIGHT, FAIR USE AND IMAGES IN POSTS!

RULE 1. You Can’t Use Everything You Find On the Web.

Dexter the cat hates those that steal his photos…

You can’t just use any image you like in a blog post. Why? Because unless stated otherwise, the law automatically grants full “copyright” over any creative work a person makes.

RULE 2. There Are Resources You CAN Use.

People think that one can’t use any image, video, or content from another website on your blog. That simply isn’t true! But you need to understand the meaning of "fair use” and “public domain".

The safest way to source images for your blog is to either:

  • Use Creative Commons images.
  • Use free public domain images.
  • Use your own photos or use images you’ve created.


Creative Commons, founded in 2001, is an organization which provides free content license known as a creative commons license that people can apply to their work.

When you license your work with creative commons, you are giving people the permission to use it without having to ask permission, provided they use it in the manner stated in your creative commons license.

The reason people use creative commons licenses is to make it easier for everyone to share and adapt creative work without the concern of copyright infringement.

Watch this video on CREATIVE COMMONS and sharing CREATIVE WORKS!

Now watch this video for a summary of the different Creative Commons’ licences elements (rules). There are several different types of Creative Commons licenses (with different symbols) people use depending on what restriction(s) they want to apply to their work.

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