Exhibit 4 Post Test Analysis

He actually went through each problem with me and checked them off down the list! He then found problems similar to those on the exam and worked them for me. It was very surprising and helpful.

Study and Test Taking Plan

I did not achieve the grade that I was looking for and I need to create a study plan that will work more favorably towards me for the next exam. I asked Dr. Rao what ways of studying make it easier to understand physics and the first thing e said was referring to the book. He said that the text book was the best means of understanding physics because it is so different from any other course material. I've decided that for my next physics test, I will study for a week and a half in advance for at least an hour a day including taking notes from the textbook and taking practice and past exams. The homework and just reading the textbook clearly didn't benefit me. I also plan on attending his office hours more frequently because he was so helpful. I also might try reviewing the material right before I go to bed as well like we discussed in class in order to potentially retain the material much better in preparation for the exam.

We took a practice exam together but he worked it all out so that I could understand it better
He was very helpful


I really enjoyed the experience I had when I went to his office hours because it was a pleasant surprise how helpful he was. I really hate physics and that opinion still stand today but I have a better appreciation for him and how he teaches. even though it was kind of awkward at first, he made me more comfortable and he took my paper and went through each question with me. I know how to better correct my carelessness and my misreading of questions because he taught me how to pinpoint specific ways to more quickly finish a problem, which will help with my timing and will prevent me from not finishing some problems. The situation kind of made me realize that these professors are here to help and if i only were to utilize them more I could do so much better. I know now that he wants us to succeed and is very passionate about physics. Overall, I would definitely go to office hours again and have a much better plan in place that works better for me in order to be more prepared for the next physics exam. It was nice getting to understand my professor a little better.

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