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Founded 1990

C.J. Mack President & CEO, has been in the music business for over 20 years. C. J. Mack Management was founded in 1990. The management company handles rap, jazz, gospel and R&B. cjmackmanagement.com


CJ Mack Management has also joined forces with BlackGrove Records to manage select artist as per the request of the label if needed. CJ Mack Management , is also the West Coast Representative for One Stop Graphics and Distribution.

Left to right: CJ Mack, Kompari and Mike Owners


KATORA R&B Artist prior client: Production Company: M Entertainment Group, Label: Vidal Sounds; her album was released and manufactured by EMI Records In 2002. She’s opened for Freddie Jackson, Boyz II Men, Adina Howard and Montel Jorden in Japan to name a few.

C. Mack Management secured a production deal with M. Entertainment Group Tammie Ridgell CEO, Kenny M. AKA Tha Wizard Producer and Engineer.

Singing Sensation 'Katora' Signs With Glass House Communications for Exclusive Publicity And Media Relations Services.

DYNASTEE’ Female Rapper1991- present: Her song Have a Good Time was scored in the 2010 movie released by Sony entitled Blood and Bone, staring Michael J. White.

She’s open for C-Bo, Miran, Voices of Theory. She also did a remix of the song By Ya Syde by ConFunKShun, she performed the song at Kimbles East in Berkeley, California, she was backed up by the band ConFunkShun and rocked the house.

Steph Jones aka Dynastee’ has a new direction, she knows the this is what God would have her do. She is at the present time working on a Gospel project, which she will by the grace of God acquire a great fan base, in hopes of being a lesser light leading to a greater light.

DAVINCHI male rapper: He’s open for E-40, he was on the 2 Pac tribute compilation. His album was released 2011 entitled Word of Mouth He was signed to EarHustle Music Group: Producer and CEO Kenny M aka The Wizard, C.J.Mack Director of A&R.

Davinchi also had a role in the movie entitled Mutant Ninja Rabbits, it was released in 2014 by Jon’s Journey Productions located in Seattle, Washington.. Davinchi’s song entitled Fight For My City was scored in the movie.


Game Tite Records is proud to be able to step up the game in the music industry with such a group and a wonderful project, the single is entitled Watch Me. Thanks to Harold Whaley the program director of Urban Network Radio Station, “www. Urbannetwork.com we have been able to get online radio play on our group TrulySlick’s single, Watch Me, it went to Top 10 on the Uraban Network Radio station.

The groups album was released in 2006. They were presented a award at the Rising Star Las Vegas Music Awards in 2006 for best new rap duo.

Thanks to force of FDI Records in Sweden and the hard work of it’s President Eddie Brown we’ve been able to mesmerize the listeners of the international market.

We’ve had the opportunity of working with great producers on this project such as: Kenny aka the Wizard of GrandJury, Dean Dark Water of Dark Water Produtions, Young Mozart of Young Mozart Music, Jason Floyd of Rise and Shine productions.

We are looking for a hip hop acts, R/B vocalist as well so if you feel you have what it takes send your packages to.



CJ Mack , Rome and Dynastee' Club Escape in Palm Springs
Dynastee' performing at Club Escape "The CD release party" in Palm Spring, CA
Dynastee's Interview U-92.7
Dynastee' & Df at U-97.2 radio station interview. Palm Springs, CA


The Artist Fest. in Sacramento, Calif left to right Truth, Edon: Host, CJ Mack and E=Dizzle
TrulySlick perform at Represent The Bay
Truth , Ashley and E-Dizzle at Represent The Bay
The Interview on Represent The Bay with Ashley



KATORA Artist, Songwriter


Katora, a native of Oakland, California, is a sultry R&B vocalist with an ability to move her audience from soulful ballads to up tempo party jams while keeping her fans totally involved. Her vocal range and tone captivates her audience and keeps them hanging on her every word.

Katora has performed both in the U.S. and abroad. She has opened for several artists, such as ‪Freddie Jackson‬, Boyz II Men, and ‪Montell Jordan‬. Katora was also featured on the song entitled Crazy, on Ghetto Hippies album (Essence Lights), which was released in the U.S. and Europe. Katora has also been showcased in industry events, such as Industry Next, a showcase exposing Bay Area talent. In her continuing string of stage appearances, Katora has performed at many Bay Area, Califronia venues that host some of the Bay Area’s hot new talent such as, QA’s Joint, Rasselas, Simone’s, and various San Francisco Festivals and the Sacramento County Fair. Through her performances, Katora has established a loyal fan base, which continues to grow as she strives to make her presence felt in the entertainment industry.

Katora is not only a gifted vocalist but she’s also a talented songwriter. Through her lyrics she is able to strike a cord with her listeners by touching familiar issues of relationships and love. Katora visually creates pictures for her audiences with her lyrical style of storytelling. Her style and lyrics allow her to have a wide range of appeal in the entertainment market.

Since Katora burst onto the music scene, she has been determined to make her mark. With her music, Katora definitely creates a melodic marriage between R&B and Hip/Hop that will definitely have heads bobbing. Though she is not afraid to show her edge she is also very comfortable showing audiences her sultry, sexy and playful style through her music with ballads and mid-tempo songs as well. Whether she is singing over bass-driven beats or gliding over a smooth laid-back track, this songbird is ready to soar to new heights.

Katora will bring an ultimate flavor to the recording industry both nationally and internationally. Her sophomore album was released in April, 2005.



TrulySlick is a hip-hop rap group with a coast to coast creative force. Truth and E-Dizzel carry with them, powerful production as well as rich lyrical content. TrulySlick was signed to Game Tite Records in 2004. C.J. Mack is the respectful manager of this powerful Game Tite movement. TrulySlick has a solid foundation and is ready to takeova. With various club performances around California, TrulySlick has gained a large fan base.

Their first album was released in August of 2005. “Watch Me,” their first single hit 19 on the top 20 chart of Urban network Radio. You can hear TrulySlick music on various radio stations. TrulySlick has hosted the Independent Video Show in Los Angeles and appeared on more shows such as, “The Sac. Town Independent Video” in Sacramento, California and “Representing the Bay” in Hayward, California. TrulySlick has a national flavor that comes from years of experience and a creative combination. Creating TrulySlick was truly slick.

TrulySlick performed the commercial theme song “Woman Sport” for Europe’s largest online women’s sport report magazine. This commercial has been chosen as the permanent online advertisement theme song, and can be heard at: womensportreport.com.
TrulySlick single "Watch Me" was featured on the 916 Leak Compilation .


Roger Smith


ROGER SMITH prior client: Jazz Keyboard player: He did a tour date in Japan at the Fukawoka Japan Airforce Base in 1997, it was set up by C.J. Mack Management, the album released was entitled MY COLORS Hopscotch, his label at that time was Sony Records.

He’s played for Glady’s Knight and Stephanie Mills to name a few. He’s currently the keyboard player for Tower Power. And his music can be heard on Sacramento Smooth Jazz 107.1.

DYNASTEE’ Artist, Songwriter


Dynastee’ introduced her previous album to the world with her powerful “in Yoface” delivery! This does not overlook her skilled performance at the“Gavin Conference” in Oakland which found her a spot on the front page of the Oakland Tribune the next morning.

Having been an opening act for artists such as Ludacris, Voices Of Theory, Too Short, Spice 1, M.C. Breed, Adina Howard, Jewell, Doveshack, Twins, Conscious Daughters, and Premiere she also performed along side” The Truth” of Priority Records and Mac & Ak at the Celebrity Basketball Game. Dynastee’ in 1999 continues to work with the Perinatal Counsel, located in the Bay Area, founded by Leila Steinberg and Askari Sawonda. Through this program she has had the opportunity to perform at several high schools in the Bay Area (Oak Tech High, McClymons High etc. ). The Perinatal Counsel also sponsored her music video entitled “Look In Their Eyes” ( a song from her previous album).

In the summer of August 1999 she turned out the Glenville Fest, which took place in Cleveland, Ohio. Dynastee’ opened for Myran and Voices of Theory in front of a crowd of 15,000 people, she was also interviewed by Langford “The Langford the Man” Stevens (Asst. Program Director). Live on WZAK 93 F.M.

Dynastee’s song entitled “Stay Strong” was released on the compilation entitled “Coast Ridas” witch featured artist such as Big Pun, DJ Quick, and Tha Alkaholiks, etc. It was released March 9, 1999. She was also featured on the single released October 15 2000 entitled “Sista Sista” from the album “Katora” on Vidal Sounds/M. Entertainment Grp. Dist. By EMI/Capitol Records. Also, a favorite album cut, “Have A Good Time” was featured on the West Coast Cannons Compilation in 2000. Dynastee’s single “Scorpio” was released Decembr of 2002. It was number 40 February 2003 on the Urban Record Pool DJ list. Her CD Release Party was held in Palm Springs at “Club Escape”, and her single was in rotation on U- 92.7 F.M.

She also did an store at “Shieke Shoe Store” in Florin Center Mall in Sacramento, California (this is a hip hop style type of shoe store). Her single was purchased and she signed autographs and performed her single live in the store while customers looked on.

You could also view the bulboard advertisement across the street with dynasty and devenvhi advertising Shieke Shoes.


Distributed and Promoted by One Stop Graphic’s and Distribution .

The Black Grove Records Compilation Featuring Dynastee's song: "Lay Low"
"DYNASTEE’s song "Have A Good Time" was featured in "‪Blood And Bone‬" starring: Michael Jai White.


DAVINCHI male rapper: He’s open for E-40, he was on the 2 Pac tribute compilation. His album was released 2011 entitled Word of Mouth. He was signed to EarHustle Music Group: Producer and CEO Kenny M aka The Wizard and C.J.Mack Director of A&R.


Game Tite Records was established 2005 by CJ Mack Management and Freddie T.. The company had joined forces with FDI Records in Sweden. We had developed an international market with our new rap group “TrulySlick”, they were extremely talented and skillful writers.

Their album was released 2006 and they won the best New Rap Duo Award at the Las Vegas Music Awards, produced by Sheila Furgeson.

My business partner and I had worked together on the project for nearly one year and had a wonderful time with the process. We knew the project would explode once it hit the market place.

C.J. Mack CEO C.J Mack Management P.O. Box 1817 Carmichael, CA 95609 Office: 916-275-4070 Fax: 208-730-4781 cjmackmanagement.com Email:cj.mack@mail.com

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