Philadelphia Flyers Campaign proposal by Joseph Felice

What can be said about t-shirts that hasn’t been written on your website or that of your competitors? The content that works on the Rush Orders Tee site--the memorable and captivating aspects--are the stories. Pieces about production or brands and their concepts. Features about your mission and that of the companies, groups, and individuals who purchase your products and services. The site's content should be driven by storytelling whether that is by video, text, or photo. For me, the 76ers campaign is an excellent example of pulling all of these core beliefs together: efficiency, engagement, and creativity. I wanted to use that strategy's framework to display and encourage other concepts while increasing reach.

The Philadelphia Flyers are one of the top NHL teams in terms of success, franchise valuation, and fan engagement. This passion and focus of the Flyers' faithful is an incredible resource for interaction and storytelling. Since Rush Order Tees has successfully transitioned into professional sports relationships, it seems that a corporate partnership with the Philadelphia Flyers is a natural fit. In this hypothetical rollout, the Rush Order Tees + Philadelphia Flyers partnership is managed on the site through blog posts and social media.


The Rush Order Tees Facebook page is (based on my observations) the second-largest generator for consumer contact. Whereas Yelp serves as a more accurate outlet for consumer comments (good or bad), most people use Facebook to voice their satisfaction. While retrieving metrics from Facebook is difficult at best, it provides a link to the website. As much as possible, links deliver users to so that interested parties can become happy consumers or, at least, subscribe to the email list.

Call to Action: Click through to blog post, engage with our content, and sign-up on the email list.


As part of the idea to develop stories, focusing on a foundation or a company's brand is an important way of presenting something of value. Brands can develop their own concepts, but there is a sense of legitimacy when an outside agency covers it. In this instance, through the partnership with the Flyers, we can hone in on their philanthropic causes. This works both as a way to highlight the great work our partner is doing and as an alternative for the programs that utilize Rush Order Tees for their fundraising or awareness needs.

Call to Action: Would you like your foundation featured on our website? Tell us your story and have our content team drive more traffic to your program's site. We can take your first-person account and build content based on your experiences.


It is not easy coming up with a creative way to display a t-shirt. I'm sure you can agree. The constants to making a great picture are quality and innovation. Since one aspect of the identity of Rush Order Tees is its hometown, Philadelphia-based imagery is an untapped avenue of promoting the creative work. The city provides an endless canvas and a backdrop. If the company is, by extension, Philadelphia, then we should go to greater lengths to show it.

Call to Action: Beyond the contest, how can we reach social users and experience increased engagement? Rush Order Tees can run the top three designs in a contest to garner the most votes. Users could engage with friends and contacts to increase their chances of winning.


LinkedIn does more than search jobs and connect careers, it can effectively showcase and grow your business. According to my research, Rush Order Tees has received 60%-70% of its sales by B2B in the past. What better place to meet these buyers than on their terms? Broadcasting business and foundation news is a constant on LinkedIn. While this may not be the primary place for future revenue growth, it is a great way to engage the next business or tout some of your recent designs to former users.

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