Florida Museum of Natural History by: eric Jacobowitz


Nature on Display:

I find this exhibit appealing for the size and detail. This exhibit is massive, and the detail and idea that it is a mammoth constructed out of fossils that we have discovered is amazing. so ultimately the design, size, and detail captivated me. Again it captured my attention by its size and placement in the room. It was placed in a part of the room where it dominated the entire room. It easily captures everyones attention, and it captured mine especially because it reminded me how insignificant I am in the sphere of everything. If this medium wasn't an exhibit of a model of the mammoth through actual fossils I wouldn't have understood the magnitude of the size and the power of such a great beast. I don't think I could have understood the creature without seeing its skeletal structure on display. I found the vast exhibits available to view, and the wide variety of information available to be what I found most enjoyable. There were so many exhibits and so much information available and that is what I really found to be most enjoyable, the ability to soak up so much knowledge from the museum.

Nature and Ethics:

Yes, the natural history museum provided me a way to really enter nature. Nowhere else could I have experienced so many natural exhibits as well as enter the butterfly garden. When I entered the garden I truly understood my place in the world. I was just a creature. A creature bound to interact with all other creatures just like the butterfly interacted with me in the butterfly garden. How did you feel, what did you sense, and what did you think as you venturt through the museum? As I went through the museum and the butterfly garden I felt both small, and insignificant and responsible. As conquerors of this planet it is my responsibility and the responsibility of all humans to take care of this Earth. I also sensed how insignificant humans were in the whole sphere of the world, as it truly made me feel small. Ultimately though, as I walked through the garden I found and unseen beauty in the butterflies, birds, and nature. It really gave me an opportunity to leave my busy everyday life and enter nature and rethink my life. If we don't the world will be destroyed and it will be our fault as humans. Specifically the Natural History Museum allowed visitors to interact with nature by providing the butter fly garden specifically. By being able to interact with butterflies, birds, and beautiful plants I was able to enter another world. I was able to leave the world of humans, and enter the world of butterflies and true interact with nature. Ultimately, by vowing the many exhibits, I again began to understand how small I am in the sphere of life, and I began to see how it is my responsibility as a human to take care of this world. This experience created a strong feeling of ethical responsibility to nature in me. Since we humans are responsible for taking care of this world, seeing all of the creatures of this world and the complexities of it really influenced me to try to make a difference. And like these sharks:

which are way bigger than me, I began to realize that the issue of environmental preservation is bigger than me. It is something so important that I have to make a difference.

Nature and the Human Spirit:

The Natural History museum help us step out of our ordinary lives by engrossing us in a world that is beyond the minimal sphere of our own. On a daily basis we don't interact much with the wildness of nature; however, upon stepping into the natural history museum we seem to enter a wild world beyond our own. A wild world in which we are powerless, to the bestiality and power of nature. And this insignificance that it instills in us helps us understand who we are as humans in this greater world of nature. Since we dominate nature as humans, it is our responsibility to preserve it for the greater sake of the Earth and nature as a whole. And finally, by being able to see the beauty of nature face to face, it allows us appreciate the mystery and majesty of the natural world, because so much of what we see in this museum is beyond us. The vast array of exhibits truly allow us to enter a different world and leave the busy world of our everyday lives. Much like the diver who intrudes on the ocean, we humans intrude on nature every day. And by expanding our vision and thoughts to a world beyond ourself, we can truly experience and appreciate the beauty found in the natural history museum and in nature and work towards protecting the environment as it is so much bigger than ourselves. It ultimately, gave us the feeling that we humans are a part of nature. And as a part of nature, it is our job to enter it, contemplate it, and relate it to our everyday live and our seeking of the good life.

Ultimately, this was an enlightening experience and I am glad I was able to attend this museum, learn about nature, and really, truly think about the role of nature in respect to the good life.



Pictures by Eric Jacobowitz

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