Game idea Caitlin hookey

Purple Zebra
  • Car game
  • Street racing
  • Mystery box when you upgrade your car
  • Spikes come out of car that puncture wheels of other cars when driven over
  • If you flip over or have a major crash you restart
  • Car carrier trailer that you can drive onto to jump over other moving vehicles


  • City
  • Tunnels
  • Big buildings
  • Abandoned carnival

Buttons to steer

  1. the computer gaming industry make $101 million per year.
  2. 46% of gamers are female, which means that males are of a whopping 54%
  3. women: lifestyle and education. Men: action
  4. some gaming genres are action, adventure, action adventure, role playing and simulation
  5. Esports (also known as electronic sports) is a form of competition played by professional gamers competing in video games.
  6. gaming addiction is an implies or control disorder which does not involve the input of drugs or alcohol but is similar to pathological gambling
  7. the top 5 most played gaming platforms are: nintendo, PlayStation, p.c., wii, x box 360 and handheld devices.
  8. Some computer game companies are Electronic Arts and Nintendo.

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