LGBT Hate Comments by Prisila Gurrola & Natasha jaquez

LGBT community is extremely present in today’s society. The fact of certain relationships intrigues people making some of their comments look racist or homophobic. This is why Bryan Castanos, 11 a Mr.Rodriguez student decided to conduct a survey to observe the student’s opinion towards this topic.

“I think this topic is interesting to Bowie because there might be people in the LGBT community here at school that really need representation or sometimes they just need support, like since we showed many people share the same problem they feel identified so they don’t go through the problem alone,” Castamos said.

Castanos feels that a solution to aware people about this issue is to show the world that people in the community are equal to everybody else. Moreover, Castanos would like to project more of this problem through his art.

“My solution to prevent this issue from spreading would be making people see that LGBT community is something normal, that they shouldn’t be bullying others just because they have a different sexual orientation, at the end of the day they are just as important as anyone else. For example I am on art class and through my projects I try to express some problems the LGBT community face everyday. I think that could help as an awareness for society,” Castanos said.

Ultimately, Castanos would like to teach children about LGBT community. He feels like today’s society is really open minded and that kids should grow up knowing about these types of controversial topics.

“I would teach children about LGBT community because there’s nothing to be embarrassed of, I would tell them that they are just like any other family, they’re just people in love with each other and they shouldn’t be discriminated for that. Growing up I was actually bullied at school because of my sexuality and I didn’t grew up knowing a lot about this topic so I would teach children a little bit about it,” Castanos said.


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