The branch that has the most power in my opinion is the executive branch.

This is where the US president and his family lives.

The people that make up the executive branch are the president, vice president, and lastly the cabinet. And the cabinet is a group of people that helps the president and the president has to picks there own people and the senate has to at least get 51 votes to be elected.

Newspaper on Declaring war on Japan.

Immediately after the United States got bombed on we declared war, and entered World War II. It was a good move by FDR.

Here are some examples of declaring war on other counties.

As a nation our presidents have declared war 11 times.

I have 3 reason why I think that the Executive Branch is the most and I'll explain why. The reason why the EB is the important is because the president can declare war on other countries. The second reason is that president is in charge of our army and without anyone running our army then there world probably be a bunch of different types of arms. And lastly if anything ever happens to the president then that is when the vice president will come and take over. Those are just a couple of reasons why the Executive Branch is the most important.


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