2016 Jaap Album Maui

This was our first trip to Hawai'i to visit Kayla and Tyler. We started out at the Moana Surfrider Hotel in Waikiki Beach in O'ahu from February 16th through 19th of 2016. We had quite a bit of jet lag and decided to get a spa massage.

Japanese Lanterns Garden
Lee in front of the giant Banyan tree in the back courtyard of the hotel.
Now a lovely picture of Amy
Moana Surfrider main entrance—one of the oldest hotels of Hawai'i
Entrance to a toilet at the Mānoa Falls hike and gift store
Entrance to trial
Tropical flower on the trail
The "trickle"—result of a drier winter (monsoon season) than usual
Two of the dancers in a show we went to in Waikiki
One with Amy also
Tyler and kayla
Dole Pineapple Plantation
A Nene at the Plantation
Koi pond below our resort room in Maui
Closer look at the Koi ponds at the resort
The beach at the Maui resort
View from catamaran of Lahaina Harbor
Humpback whales
Looking at far away humpback whales
Tyler and Kayla at restaurant in Lahaina
Sunset in Maui
Moonrise around mountain peak from dinner cruise in Lahaina
Bed and breakfast where Tyler and Kayla stayed in Maui
Volcanic beach on the road to Hanna
Aboard the snorkeling boat
Pretty Mountains with "ice cream" tops
Haleakalā ("house of the sun"), or the East Maui Volcano, covers three fourths of Maui.
Photo by Lee on Haleakalā
The summit of the shield volcano is 10,023 feet above sea level, resulting in an atmospheric pressure (and density) about two thirds that at sea level, 10.1 psi to be more precise. Reduced oxygen pressure decreases the oxygen capacity of blood, causing fatigue sooner. Less air above to filter the sun's light means higher exposure to burning ultraviolet rays.

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