Exploration 1 How society has changed though movies

Topic 1: How has movies paralleled the changes on society? Movies have shaped social culture by transforming or swaying the viewers opinions. Films act as influences. Studies have shown that things that we see on film get lodged in our brains and are perceived as facts.

For example, one movie that is believed to be true is The Titanic. Most of the movie is true, but the love story between Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater is fiction. Some of the characters in the movie were also people who were aboard the RMS Titanic. This is a movie that is both true and fictional.

Topic 2: How do movies portray the views of American life? There are movies that illustrate how American life is. The movie Forrest Gump is about a man from a small town. Though, the small town man goes out and goes through several major historical events in America during the late 20th century.

Another great example would be A Christmas Story and the Breakfast Club. Both of these films are about coming of age. The Breakfast Club is about a group of teenagers in detention that have never talked to each other before but manage to get along and grow individually. While A Christmas Story is about a middle class family a Christmas time but its narrated through the child. Everyone in America can relate to one of these films.

Topic 3: How are movies used to portray a style of life? There are movies that depicts how one group might live. For instance, there are movies about how a black community might live and experience. And they can also represent how a high class white man might live.

For example, The Great Gatsby is about the life of a high class man, who throws extravagant parties. This film follows the life of the wealthy young and mysterious Gatsby, in New York.


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