Digital Illustration Sam Roddam

Below is the work I've done in my Junior year Digital Illustration class.

Our very first assignment was to create an illustration that related to weather. Given that this year the weather has been as confusing and inconsistent as usual I wanted to do something silly that laughed at the idea of a "traditional" Tennessee winter
I haven't had the opportunity to do work that was traditionally cute and made me laugh so I went a little overboard and tried to illustrate something lighthearted for our cartoon project. It was my first time using the software in this widely layered style, but I found I really liked working in this way.
For our portrait project I tried to improve my technique with the illustrator program, but also tried to combine it with photoshop so as to have more control with the colors and a better ability to push and pull the space.
Taking what I learned working with Illustrator and Photoshop on the previous two assignments, I tried a much cleaner look with sharper lines and more purposeful curves for our character design project. I picked an archetype and some inspiration words, in this case "Goth: weak & bone" and tried to draw him from multiple perspectives.
As class fell on valentine's day, a card project was highly appropriate. I wanted to work on a piece that was less flat and tried to incorporate the illusion of depth while still keeping a sharp digital feel that matches the 8-bit flair.
Having done a logo design last semester, this time around I really wanted to push myself to show how the logo could be incorporated all through a product and it's marketing in a practical way. Once I had the Nordic theme I went about incorporating things that would be important for both the theme and the product. Cold snowflakes that form a bridge play solved that problem quite nicely.
This piece is meant to incorporate the work of Cole Phillips and his "Fadeaway Girls". I loved his style and the concept but the name sounded sad. We were meant to design the illustration so it could function as the cover of a magazine, so I tried to design a cover that would fit along with a Psychology magazine or magazine covering some kind of depression.
This was our stamp project, and as I realized that I hadn't done much at all with more natural shapes and things I tried to design a stamp that would look good at a very small size and would make me smile and think of home if I were to attach it to an envelope.
I really enjoyed our poster project. Practical Magic has always been a well loved movie in my household, and I wanted to design a poster that better encompasses the feelings in the movie that the original promo posters did.
Being a big fan of tabletop rpgs, not a session goes by when someone has to reach for the handbook to argue about the difference between the different specific conditions. As I am also a very visual person I figured I'd try my hand at designing icons that would go along with the conditional factors to see if having symbols would make it easier to tell them apart.
For our book cover assignment I wanted to try my hand at more photoshop work as I realized my semester has been incredibly illustrator heavy as it's the program I'm most comfortable at working with. I wanted something soft and clean and that felt like something that would make someone want to pick up one of my favorite books of all time.
This is part one of our final project: story boards. We were asked to illustrate a story as if for a movie or children's book. I chose a version of an old fairy tale attributed most commonly to Charles Perrault called Diamonds and Toads or The Fairies. It's a classic tale that centers around the idea that one should be careful what you say and do because a kind word is worth more than a cruel one. The following panels tell the scenes I found most potent in the original tale.

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