Digital Conferring Let youR confErences tell a child's story

Get the collaborative notes:


Learn the basics of Evernote and create a class notebook for conferring.

Begin a visual strategy notebook in Paper 53.

Think about being intentional during conferences and matching strategies to our students.

Evernote Examples

I used the i's as correct words to do an informal running record. I've learned a lot since then and now those are available in SchoolPace.

I used Paper 53 to annotate text and then added it to this child's note.

Sometimes I only record text, but you can use the dictation button so you don't have to type!

You can annotate a PDF in the paid version but you could also just write on a paper and snap a photo and keep it in the student's note.

Let the child read their writing to you with the record feature. Use it as a fluency check as well.

Record goals and strategies so you don't forget. Notice I don't type a lot. I try to use Evernote to make my conferences go more quickly! Let it make your work easier. A picture can tell a story that it would take a long time to type.

Imagine the growth you will see over time! Let your Evernote tell your students' stories.

When you use a new app, push all the buttons!

Don't forget to add tags.

How to Use Evernote

Paper 53 for Strategy Notebooks

Watch my demo
Key for Serravallo Strategies

Follow me on Paper to get all of your Jennifer Serravallo strategies to get you started.

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