The Amazing Howler Monkey cool and INTERESTING facts on Howler MONKEYS By:Hailey

Howler Monkeys live in tropical Central and South America.Howler monkeys are endanger because of their lost of habitat.

Howler monkeys are omnivores. That means they like to eat plants and fruits.Howler monkeys live in the canopy layer of the rain forest.

Howler Monkeys have other species they have 15 others.Howler monkey predators are harpy eagles and large raptors.

Howler monkeys size,weight, height and length is 8.8-22lbs,4 moves at 18 mph .It walks and hangs on trees and swings from trees.

Females nurse their babies for several months, then chew their food up for them and teach them to's name is infant.

howler monkeys are Mammal and cartload.The scientific name for a howler monkey is Alouatta.

special features include The howler monkey is the loudest of all monkeys. Their howling sounds like burping!!This monkeys howls can actually be heard through the dense South American forest from three miles (five kilometers) away.

I hope you are now are in love with howler monkeys like me!!!!!



Created with images by Bird Brian - "DSC_8897.NEF" • jrothdog - "Red Howler Monkey" • angela n. - "National Zoo" • jdrorer - "Howler Monkey" • Bart vanDorp - "Barbado / Brown howler (Alouatta guariba)" • Sam Howzit - "Black howler monkey" • angela n. - "National Zoo" • angela n. - "National Zoo" • angela n. - "National Zoo" • angela n. - "National Zoo"

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