Appendicitis by: dalia, marco, raymundo, yoseline.

When: December 6, 1735 was the first recorded by french surgeon claudius amyand. It was discovered on a 11 year old who had undergone successful herniotomy.

Claudius Amyand

Why: when the appendix swells in response to infection or often because the appendix becomes blocked

Who: any ones appendix that is infected of blocked

What: appendicitis is a disease because it affects a certain location,and is not caused by a physical injury.

Where: appendicitis is found in the large intestine in a part called the appendix. A pouch found in the colon that has no known purpose. appendicitis begins with abdominal pain. And it is usually treated by surgery and antibiotics

How: appendicitis only affects humans. the treatments to stop or prevent appendicitis depends on the timing. If it is diagnosed early it can be given antibiotics to kill the bacteria. And if not diagnosed early it would lead to surgery for the removal of the appendix.

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