Emotion's Affect on Decision-Making

Rhea Patel

Maria Zapata Perez, Mallika Khullar, Seth De'ath

February 24 2017 - February 30, 2017

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Progress Journal

February 24, 2017

Today we read up on emotion and the different aspects and concepts of the topic. I learned that emotion is a big factor when it comes to comprehending, and attaining knowledge. Emotion is constituted of 6 primary emotions: happiness, sadness, anger, disgust, fear, and surprise. These 6 emotions are what make up the different aspects of emotion that affect the way one understands. For example if someone is sad, then it may affect the way they understand or see something in a negative way.

February 28, 2017

For our project, we decided to talk about how emotion can affect decision making. Unlike reason which is also a factor that may be incorporated in decision making, there is no thinking about emotions and it is not a processed cycle that goes through the mind. It is a direct feeling that someone feels and acts on. That is why emotions are such a big influence on ones willing to attain knowledge. To evoke the message of emotion's influence on decision making, we decided to create a skit presenting an example of how emotion negative affects one's decisions to where it leads to something negative to happen. Here we can show how big of a factor emotion is when making choices and when comprehending something.

February 30, 2017

Today we presented our skit to the class to show how emotion affects one's decision making. We gave an example of a girl who let the sadness of her emotions get ahead of her dreams and goals. In the end when she decided to sacrifice studying for being sad and laying around doing nothing, she didn't get to achieve her long term plan. This was a good way to show how important emotion is.


Skit: Girl is broken up with, because her boyfriend has so much to handle and he can’t do everything. She lets the breakup take over her academics and her goals.

Seth- boyfriend

Rhea- girlfriend

Maria- narrator

Mallika- teacher/diploma handout person


*Seth walks up to Rhea*

Seth: I am breaking up with you. This relationship is just not working and I need to focus on my exams. School has been too hard lately and I don’t think I can juggle all of these tasks.


Seth: I’m sorry Rhea, but this is the best outcome for the both of us. *walks away*

Rhea: *walks back home* *starts crying*

Rhea: My IB exams are in a week, but I don’t even feel like studying. This break up just hurts me so much and I feel so sad and alone. I am going to watch Netflix all day and eat ice cream, because I do not want to study.

*IB Exams*

Rhea: I don’t even know what I am writing… I forgot how transcription works... God, if only I had chosen to study instead of watch Netflix. I let my emotions control my decision and now I am going to fail my IB Exam because I chose not to study half of the concepts…

*College Interview for Berkeley*

Mallika: I am sorry, Rhea. Your grade in IB Biology really concerns us… The rest of your grades throughout the year are amazing, what happened in your IB exam? I apologize, but a 2 in Biology, which is what you have chosen as a major, does not qualify you for our standards here at UC Berkeley.

Rhea: But please, Dean, I beg you, I have not applied anywhere else!

Mallika: I am sorry, you should have chosen to study for your exam. You know that college is very important, I’ve seen through your studies and application essays that education is a quite a big priority to you. It is a shame that you let something less important get ahead of your goals. I apologize again but I cannot sympathize or do anything to help. This is as far as it’ll get.

Rhea: Thank you for your time. I don’t know how I will fix this. Berkeley has been my dream school since I was in the 7th grade. I have always aspired to be a student there and complete medical school as well as get my doctorate and open up my own practice.

I feel like now I will have a harder time accomplishing these goals. This future that I have dreamed of and have been working towards all my educational life I will not be able to have. Trying to get back on the right track won’t be that easy anymore.

Friend: Rhea, it is going to be okay, there are other options for you, it does not end here. You are young, and you will be able to fix your mistakes. I went through the same thing last year, and I understand that your emotions can take over. You were not rational about your decisions and that has affected your future now. You were blinded by your emotions over the break up and you were not able to see the long-term consequences of not studying for your IB Bio Exam. These strong emotions blurred your reasoning and you have tried to justify your actions, but you were unable to accept that this situation prevented your ability of thinking clearly and knowing how important this was to you.


I found this article very interesting, because it talked about how emotion rules over logic when it comes to decision making. Although this is technically a opinion of perspective, I found this point of view intriguing.

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