Andrew Carnegie robber baron

Andrew Carnegie may have been a very successful business man in the late 1800's, but his extreme control over the steel industry, unfair pay of workers, and dangerous working conditions show that he is truly a robber baron.

Andrew Carnegie used a process called vertical integration to take control of the steel industry.
Andrew Carnegie may have seemed like a generous man because of his constant donations to charity, but he was ruthless to his employees, making them work long hours for almost no pay.
Many Steel workers risked their lives working with dangerous molten meal and new unstable machines.
I think that Samsung is a robber baron because each year they come out with a phone that looks exactly the same as last years but they increase the price with every one.


Created with images by George Corbin - "Carrie Furnaces steel mill" • BiblioArchives / LibraryArchives - "A workman stands beside a furnace at the Stelco Steel Co., directing the pouring of molten steel into a ladle / Un ouvrier se tient à côté d'un four et oriente le coulage d'acier fondu dans une poche de coulée à la société Stelco Steel Co"

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