Good Life Tour of the Harn By: Emma Hicks

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist: The artwork depicted below really impressed me more than a picture or video of it would. This statue seems normal and 2-D through a screen but having the opportunity to view this work in person enhanced the appreciation I had for it. The artist's choice of color and detail really stood out to me and I could tell that there was a lot of thought and hard work behind this piece. I found the outfit to be the most striking as it's definitely not something we see people wear on a day to day basis. To me, this sculpture represents culture and history. Seeing the intricacy of the outfit made me curious to know more about the artist and this piece in particular. It made me feel like a picture would not do it justice and that this statue tells a story. He really draws attention to himself and this is why he stood out to me.

The colors are more vivid in person!

Design of the Museum: In the wing for "Highlights from a Modern Collection", I appreciated and was drawn to its design partially because of the color of the walls. The grayish blue hue was a comforting and calming color. The art in this particular space was relaxing and simple. It wasn't too abstract but instead, was beautiful by being uncomplicated. The lighting was strong but not overpowering. It created a warm appeal and the location of the art was interesting too. Each piece had its own "nook" if you will. The paintings were spread apart and I liked this element because it allowed me the time to really study each work without feeling distracted by another right next to it. This exhibit really gave me a sense of peace and the photo below was my favorite piece from this area of the museum.

I loved this nature painting! Wishing I could jump into the frame to experience the scenery in person.

Art and Core Values: This work jumped out at me in a way that others may not relate to quite yet. When I saw these two skeletons dressed in their wedding best, it reminded me of my core value to love my spouse, but in order to love him, I must first love myself. This piece stirred happiness in me and also reminded me of how important I find companionship to be. Being a newlywed, my husband and I were in the shoes of these statues less than a year ago. That personal tie is why I chose this piece. Sometimes people think getting married at my age is weird or not normal. However, I connected with these skeletons because we both shared a similar celebration; one of love. I think that underlying theme reminded me that this is my strongest core value. Also, because these statues were skeletons, it also reminded me of the vow I made that is "till death do you part". This further proved that I am drawn to celebration, commitment, connection, and of course, the need to love.

They're hard to see but look at the happy newlyweds!

Art and the Good Life: This portrait, or better yet, the man himself, depicts the Good Life theme of sharing. This piece captures the image of a man who left such a strong legacy to those he shared life with as well as those that never got the chance to meet him! It's as if although he is passed, his sharing still lives on. This really made me better appreciate the theme of sharing. Sometimes it's hard to share. Whether it's sharing advice, time, money, etc. it can be difficult to do at times. However, this artwork represents a man who loved to share and who had a community who was thankful that he did. He shared his time in the military to keep our country free. He shared his thoughts and ideas with his spouse and friends. He shared his commitment in serving the city of Gainesville, and he shared his time with the Kiwanis Club. In sharing all of these things, Samuel Peebles Harn shared his legacy with me. Anyone who encounters this piece and has the opportunity to read about the man in this painting will walk away willing to share a little more. Perhaps because of the message Samuel radiates, it will enhance my Good Life while enhancing the Good Life of those I encounter.

Such an awesome guy. His tie matches with my Toms.

*all pictures were taken by Emma Hicks or Ben Hicks*


Emma Hicks or Ben Hicks

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