Sleep is very important when losing weight is involved your body must get rest .

The Primary reason I feel that I finally began to lose weight is because I altered my sleeping schedule which without much effort automatically lead to me changing my eating routine . At this time I was working overnight and preparing my lunches to for work eventually I noticed that I was sleeping long hours , and eating at the same time everyday and I took full advantage of it because what this meant was that my body was finally on a precise system. I did not meal prep as must would I just was Always mindful of when and what I was consuming .

Like many others who struggle with losing weight just as I do, I had a terrible eating habits. I ate unhealthy nearly all the time and I constantly binged on carbs such as breads and pasta . My previous years were spent caring for my now two year old daughter , working full-time , attending class , and chasing my then boyfriend around. At the time in my life I didn't think about what I ate , I didn't care about what I was feeding my body

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Khadijah Mua Oliver

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