How to create Enviromental Portraits Erin Barnes

An enviromental portrait, is a portrait taken of a person or place reflecting their lifestyle or their personality. Enviromental portraits are great for capturing almost candid moments, and your models feel more relaxed in the environment. A few tips for taking a good enviromental portrait include; getting to know your subject, choosing a location, using props, the perfect/natural pose, and to use some camera settings. You ned to know a little bit about your subject before choosing what location or props you can use in your photos. Expression is also a huge part of enviromental shots; it can really help tell the subjects story. By not only using props or location, emotion and candid shots help bring the whole picture together. Lastly camera settings can help a lot with focusing on a subject and blurring the background. Or to even zoom in more on the subject instead of focusing on the background a lot, to just focus on the subject and use the background as another prop.


Created with images by ChrisA1995 - "Nature"

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