Digital Imaging Evaluation Charli davidson

"All The Small Things"

For this image, I took a basic shots of a set of keys. I then took two separate studio shots of my model posing as if he was running etc. I put all three images in to Photoshop, left the keys as the background, and cut out the two shots of my model. I then placed the shrunken down versions of my model on my background, adjusted the exposure, contrast, highlights and shadows to suit the lighting of the background and exported it.

"Take Back the City"

i started this image with a shot of Glasgow at night, removing the sky and placing it on a blank background. I then removed a sunset sky from another shot I had and incorporated this into the image. i had to then adjust the colour of the buildings to a slight colour of blue to act as a reflection of the sky. the final touch of the image was to add a cut out of a model. this was shot in pure daylight, so the use of exposure, highlights and shadows and curves all came in to play to create a silhouette.

"The Last of Us"

The back ground of this image started with a shot from a Glasgow alley in which i had shot towards the sky in the evening. i created a duplicate layer and then removed the original sky. i then edited a shot i had of fire to create a large overlay, and then used this as a replacement for my sky. i adjusted the exposure and contrast to make it look light it was at night, and then changed the hue of the building to red as if reflecting the flames. I added in a shots of the stars with a low opacity to create the effect of being able to see through the flames slightly. i adjusted the colour balance of the stars so they too reflected red.

"Open Your Eyes"

The background of this image was shot in the studio and simple editing was done i.e. some increased clarity and some vibrance added to the eye. i then added a shot of a world map as an overlay to the skin, only adjusting the contrast. since a paper map was used in this shot, i decided to add a paper aeroplane to the pupil. i then adjusted the exposure and highlights and shadows of the plane to blend it in with the rest of the image.

"Rear View Mirror"

First of all, I started with my first image (Model looking down at mirror) I removed the inside reflection of the mirror using the lasso tool and replaced it with an image of the same model shot previously.

I then merged these layers to make the next step easier. I played around with the Black and White tool and the Curves tool to create a sort of 'dated' look to the image.

I then opened a different shot of the same model, looking towards the camera this time. I once again removed the reflection from the mirror and replaced it with the previously merged image. Like before, I merged these layers and enhanced the image using the Curves tool.

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