Plagiarism & Peer Review Openness


Last week in class we went over plagiarism... all the "dos" and the "don'ts". Not gonna lie it was pretty boring because my high school took plagiarism really seriously and in my four years we learned about it like 27 times, but it is important for everyone to know how serious it is and know how to avoid it. It is very easy to accidentally plagiarize. I learned earlier this year in bio when my group didn't paraphrase our research as much as we should have, even though we included the citation. Luckily, the professor realized that we hadn't intended to plagiarize and only took off a few points from the paper.

Cite everything!!!!

Peer Review

The second thing we did in class this week was the peer review, which I really liked. My friends ask me to help them with papers a lot because I am pretty good with grammar and enjoy editing in general. I just wish we had slightly longer to read the papers because my method of editing is to go through and fix all the grammatical/writing errors first and then go back and make suggestions for the content. 20 minutes wasn't enough for some of the longer papers. However, I liked seeing what other people had done so far and what kind of a take they had on the assignment. Zach had a really creative idea with making a video from the perspective from a schizophrenic which I loved.

Looking Ahead...

This week I worked more on the paper and I mostly added to the diagnosis part. I was open to all of the comments on my draft and made sure to take what everyone had to say into consideration. I found most of it to be very helpful, especially the suggestions on structure.


I also started working on the song that I have to do for my specialization. Originally, I was planning on writing the Game of Thrones theme song myself, but about an hour in and four measures of music later, I realized that I kind of suck at it and decided it would probably be better for my mental health if I did something else instead. So instead I printed off a really great arrangement by Sonya Belousova (attached) and learned it. I highly suggest listening to her version, she's one of my piano idols and everything she does is amazing. Mine definitely will not be nearly as good.

Instead of writing lyrics, I think I might analyze the song and relate it to Ramsay somehow. Idk though, we'll see what happens.

Works Cited

Plagiarism meme:


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