Puttenahalli Lake as Urban Commons Bangalore, india

PROJECT OVERVIEW: The Puttenahalli Lake Precinct in Yelahanka, Bangalore is part of a larger Lake system that forms one of the several flood-plain systems in North Bangalore. A declared Bird sanctuary, it attracts over a thousand species of migratory birds that fly in from as far as Siberia. The lake itself has suffered neglect and encroachment for a long time and has only recently been partially rejuvenated, thanks to community groups who have taken it upon themselves to liaise with multiple stakeholders and reactivate an immense ecological system. The lake and its surroundings offer immense potential as a site for educational programming around ecology and the environment, the nature of evolving cities, and sustainable mechanisms of growth. The site itself is an immense urban setting, with diverse residential demographics adjoining it and is an interpretative space for the varied notions of the urban commons, within the complex tapestry of the Indian City. The project involves the incorporation of the stated SDGs through an active programming framework that will attempt to form a cohesive and inclusive ‘place-making’ construct around a significant urban ecological system.

CATEGORY: Professional SETTING: Urban STATUS: On-going

By: Siddhartha Padhi

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: Activities will take place in the form of educational workshops and student action groups involving bird watching, organic planting, earth construction, mapping of urban neighborhoods, mapping of trees and storm water inlets, and monitoring of pollution sources.

PARTNERS: Yelahanka Lakes Bird Conservation Trust, Citizen's forum Yelahanka.