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Featured this week:

  • District-Wide Students: 1st Grade Winners of Dental Coloring Contest!
  • Franklin Elementary: Student Leadership Food Drive.
  • Franklin Elementary: EL Students and Staff Celebrate Shine Hat Day!
  • Franklin Elementary: Miss Clemens' and Miss Harder's Kindergarten Classes.
  • Grant Elementary: Student Donates to Domestic Violence Shelter.
  • Grant Elementary: 1st Grade Leaders Present to PTO.
  • Madison Elementary: Kindergarten Students Learn New Vocabulary Words.
  • Madison Elementary: 4th Grade Students.
  • Mulberry Elementary: Person Centered Planning with Mrs. Story's Deaf and Hard of Hearing Student.
  • Central Middle School: Mrs. Beatty's 6th Grade English/Language Arts Class.
  • Central Middle School: Ms. Arnold's 8th Grade Science Class.
  • Muscatine High School: Boy's Soccer.
  • Muscatine High School: FFA Results from the 2017 Iowa FFA Convention and Conference.
  • Muscatine High School: Muskie Boy's Track - Tyler Olsen Breaks Meet Record!
  • Muscatine High School: Mrs. Phillips' EL Classes.
  • Muscatine High School: Mrs. Paulsen's French II Class.
  • District-wide Staff: MHS Math Teachers.
  • District-wide Staff: CMS and WMS Math Teachers.


Clove Dental presented oral health programs to all of the 1st Grade Students in the district. Students were then invited to participate in a coloring contest. Here are the winners from each school! Thank you Clove Dental for working with our nurses and students on such an important health topic!


Franklin's Student Leadership conducted a food drive. Here they are with the food collected for local organizations! Great job Franklin Leaders!


EL staff and students celebrated Franklin Shine Hat Day! What is Shine? The kids and classes can earn SHINE tickets during the day and at the end of each week students are recognized for their SHINING. The students filled the SHINE bucket and earned this hat day! Great job students!


Miss Clemens' & Miss Harder's kindergarten classes had an Easter Egg Hunt and participated in Franklin Shine Hat Day!


Ethan Mohagen, 3rd grade leader at Grant, presented his birthday money to the Muscatine Domestic and Violence Shelter during our LEAD meeting. He believes everyone deserves a "New Beginning."


Two of Grant's first grade leaders presented to the Grant PTO this week. They explained how important it would be to have the recess expectations and 7 Habits posted outside by the playground. The PTO has agreed to help pay for some signs!


Kindergarten students are learning vocabulary words from our new Journeys series!


Fourth grade students at Madison are acknowledged for their great behavior by choosing a reward for the day!


A Person Centered Planning session was held at the Mississippi Bend AEA 9 for Hannah Teed and 2 other area students. Hannah's team (Kelly Story, Darci King, Kate Heeg, Carla Long, Judy Gipson, Hannah, and her mother Samantha Teed) spent the day discussing her network of needs, strengths, and support system. Plans were created to develop the best programming for Hannah's unique needs and she met others with similar needs.


Diane Brown, CMS librarian, played a Jeopardy review game with 6th graders in Mrs. Beatty's class to remind them of researching skills.


8th grade science students in Ms. Arnold's science class worked on Newton's Laws of Motion. They have been busy building balloon race cars in this STEM performance task. Students had to take in consideration how Newton's Laws would be at work in their balloon race car. Once teams got a car built that runs on balloon power, they needed to use mathematics to measure the distance traveled by the car and time how long it took to go that far. Next they calculated the car's speed from the data they collected. Then they had to create distance time graphs to represent the speed of their balloon car. Finally, it was race day and the students ran races to see who had the fastest car. This a picture of the final race. Nataleigh Bean, Natalia Taylor, and Shaylin Honts had the fastest car and the longest distance car. Way to go girls!


Congrats to the Muskie Boy's Soccer team who won the Linn-Mar Invitational. They beat Mt. Vernon 3 - 0 and Linn-Mar 1 - 0 in penalty kicks in pool play. They then beat West Liberty 1-0 for the championship! #muskiepride #muskienation

From left to right in the picture: Angel Arceo, CJ Joseph, Brighton Kraft, Erik Rubio, Matt Joseph, Eddie Treiber, Nick Hilton, Seth Hintermeister, Kobe Vasquez, Josh Hutton, Assistant Coach Adrian Sanchez, Logan Nugent, Takpor Tiah, Head Coach Jose Varela, Carson Stych, Hector Martinez, Ethan Schrader, Tim Kamara, Dylan McGill, Jackson Livermore, Jacob Shepherd.


The Muscatine FFA represented in a very positive way at the 2017 Iowa FFA Convention and Conference and we are proud of every FFA member that represented us!

  • Poultry team- Alyssa Scholz Dalton Petersen Tyler Moeller Nolan Osland: Reserve State Champions!
  • Sales Team- Ryan Calvert Summer Neece Hannah Spies Kole Beik: Reserve State Champions!
  • Ag Impact- Cruz Birkhofer, Aidan Daufeldt, Nick Scholz, Nick Petersen, Trevor Barkalow, Dailyn Garrett: Silver.
  • Creed Speaking- Ximena Bernhardt: Silver.
  • Radio Broadcasting- Nolan Osland: Silver.
  • Earning their Iowa (State) Degrees- Alyssa Scholz, John Brooks, Joel Kemper.
  • Delegates- Hope Reichert and Joel Kemper.
  • Helping time contests, assisting our teams with practices and preparing for next year: Alli Youngbauer, Andrew Van Nice, Lexi Donath, Kyle Tomlin.

Congratulations to all these individuals for their success and hard work!

Iowa Degrees
Poultry Team
Sales Team
Impact Team


Muskie Boy's Track member, Tyler Olson broke a meet record at the Hollingsworth Relays in the 800M run. His time of 1:57.04 currently ranks him 2nd in the state at that distance! Great job Tyler! #muskiepride #muskienation


On the April 13th, ESL 8th graders visited the high school. They had a tour around the school provided by ESL high school students in Mrs. Phillips' classes and then enjoyed lunch together.


French II students in Mrs. Paulsen's class have been studying the culture of the West African francophone country of Senegal. They researched and posted information on a bulletin board, and guest speakers came to tell about life in Senegal.


The MHS Math Department finished Best Practice professional development and received medals from Bob Long!


On Thursday, April 6, all of the West and Central math teachers participated in Math Studio. As part of studio, teachers observed and conferred with the 8th grade pre-algebra students as Ms. Ralston taught a lesson on functions.

Thanks to all who submitted pictures!

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