Ten Technology Tips By: Garrison Stehr

Trouble #1=Pop Ups Keep Coming Up

Tip #2= How to Download Anti-virus

Tip #3=Look to See if The Problem on Your Computer is Physical

There could just be a physical problem, such as if the computer isn't plugged in. Or you could have hit the shut down button. Anything like that could have happened so you just need to check.

Tip #4 =Updating your software


Tip #6 = Remove malware from your computer

Tip #7 =Backup your data

Just in case you lose the data you have now, you will have the backup data so you can still have the data if its important.

Tip #8 = Don't give away your personal info on any site

If you give away your personal info on a website you could be hacked later. They will know everything. So you shouldn't give away your info like that.

Tip #9 =Risks of using public wifi

Tip #10 =Think before you click

You should think before you click so you don't end up clicking on something like a pop up. It can help prevent you from getting scammed.

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