Deforestation in South America By: aman Agarwal


South America has lost nearly 100,000 square miles to deforestation. To put that into comparison that is almost 2x the size of Florida. Mining, drilling, farming, and ranching are the main causes of deforestation. The companies and people that do these things benefit a lot more than plants and animals. When people mine and dill the land they are taking the natural resources away. People also ruin the wild animal habitats in the area and when they burn the tree stumps they releases carbon dioxide into the air and take away the very plant that can clean the air and get rid of the carbon. Paper plates and cups also cause companies to deforest and get the paper to make them.

The workers in this forest are burning the trees when they could be using it for lumber and are releasing carbon dioxide into the air.
This is a map of the areas in South America that are being deforested


There are positives about deforestation too. When people clear the land of imperfections for framing, that gives us more crops to eat and survive on as our population gets bigger and bigger. That area can be used for raising cattle and other animals for food.Also it is good because we get more land to live on. If we deforest one area we get a lot of resources and the things to build and put there are limitless. If we do it in a controlled manner it can be healthy for the environment as many large forest preserves and national parks do it to keep the trees from over growing.


A way to stop and decrease deforestation is to stop wasting the products we buy and buy less unnecessary items. I am not proposing that we stop buying things all together and live with nothing, but what I am saying is that we can get the 32 pack of pencils rather than the 64. Get 5 notebooks for school instead of 7, and instead of buying the 7 pound package of meat, we can buy the 4 pound one and finish it to make sure it does not go to waste. When we buy a lot of things in bulk and a lot of it goes to waste, it gives the people who work in factories and large companies a reason to deforest more and get more land to produce more of their product. "In 2013, we disposed more than 35 million tons of food waste." wrote. Also all of the paper that we use to eating and drinking is made from trees and is mostly not biodegradable. If we used more of the biodegradable plates and reusable things it will help with deforestation and the environment does not take a millionaire to stop a world wide problem, it only takes millions of people fighting for one cause.

This is a Chinchilla and it is native to the Andes Mountain in South America. They have been on and off on the endangered species list.


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