Wetlands By alex padilla and mathew flynn

What is a wetland? A wetland is a wet piece of land. There are two kinds of wetlands. There's marshes, and there's swamps. A marsh is a flooded low lying area that is waterlogged most of the time. A swamp is an area of low lying uncultivated land where water is collected.

What do wetlands lands do? Wetlands act like a sponge. They cannot prevent an entire flood, but they can drain some of the water from the flood and store it. Wetlands can also serve as a habitat for many animals, but if we keep destroying wetlands, animals lose their habitat.

Wetlands can be found on every continent except Antarctica. All wetlands are different sizes, there can be small ones, and big ones. Many wetlands are destroyed each year, and fewer and fewer remain. Wetlands are very useful and they should not be destroyed.


Created with images by Karen Kleis - "Summer Wetland"

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