Skunks Made buy: Mika

Skunk's are only one out of a lot animals that hibernate.
A hidernateing Skunk (how cute!)
What a Skunk needs to survive:
  • Food
  • Water
  • Shelter
  • Mom and Dad (parents)
  • A way to get away from other animals
Skunks are very fascinating animals!
When Skunks are scared they spray a stinky liquid that sprays its target.
A skunk lifts its tall to spray.
After the skunk sprays its target the target runs away because they don't want to get sprayed again.
Skunks are sooooo COOL!!!


Created with images by GoToVan - "Skunk @ Lost Lagoon, Stanley Park" • janedunford - "skunk sleepy exotic" • GregTheBusker - "Skunks" • Out at Bob's - "Wet Baby Skunk" • skeeze - "skunk wildlife portrait" • Abi Skipp - "Hamburg" • GregTheBusker - "Skunks" • Kristine Paulus - "Skunk, Fort Tryon Park" • jeffreyw - "Here Kitty Kitty" • skeeze - "skunk wildlife portrait" • gamppart - "Hello!"

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