Tulip's adventure By: Grace Peterson

Tulip the raindrop, began her incredible journey in the depths of the crystal blue river. "Hey Aqua!" Tulip shouted enthusiastically. Aqua always had the desire to see the cloud god! The one who is either nice in your possession or infuriated and possessive in your presence. But Aqua heard that if you get on her good side she will give you magic, magic to move anywhere as a water droplet!

"Tulip! Hey, how have you been!" Aqua replied.

"Good! I'm very good!" Tulip shouted in a well mannered voice.

"Yea actually I..." Before Aqua can finish her sentence the suns rays beamed gently over the ocean surface bouncing Aqua and Tulip up to the oceans top. Tulip began to feel herself drift off out of sapphire river, as if she was was floating. Tulip began to feel herself fade away and disappear into the sky. Tulip began to panic, she was evaporating!

"Tulip help me! I'm still down here" Aqua screamed. Tulip saw Aqua down in the river with her face concerned in distress. Tulip tried to grab her to bring her up with her but she couldn't fight the sun's heat. Tulip began to fade away leaving only but gas in the air. She looked at Aqua one last time before enrolling into her mystic journey.

"Hey, who are you?" A raindrop says.

"Who said that?" Tulip says curiously.

"Over here, my name is Sprinkle!" Sprinkle said. Tulip looked around seeing clouds surround her. Tulip and Sprinkle walked around clouds watching the clouds jerk of her like a bouncing ball. All of a sudden, Tulip and Sprinkle approached something, or was it a someone?

"Hello I see you found me. If you don't know me my name is the cloud god!" She's baffled. The cloud god has a pink coating around her. Also, she has big blue eyes that are unbearable to look at. Last, she has red puckered lips that full fill her maleficent face.

"I know you! My friend Aqua told me about you. She said that if I get on your good side I can move anywhere as a water droplet!" Tulip shrieked in excitement. All of a sudden, the cloud god began to rumble shaking all the clouds around our surroundings.

"What was that!" Sprinkle shouted.

"Did you know that every time a water droplet evaporates it comes up and passes through me for it to be able to stay in the clouds! If to many water droplets come through I rumble and rumble and sometimes some water droplets goes back down landing where the water cycle takes them!" The cloud god said.

"That's incredible!" Tulip shrieked. Tulip saw the peach, yellow sun beam across the cloud every where it spilled it sunshine. Then at that very moment Tulip and Sprinkle fell asleep.

"RUMBLE, RUMBLE, RUMBLE!" The cloud shake around bouncing Tulip and Sprinkle up and down as a if they were pressing a repeat button. All of a sudden, Sprinkle and Tulip fell out of the piercing cold clouds. They are precipitating!

Tulip woke up along with Sprinkle. Tulip could feel herself infiltrating underground. Tulip finally looked around and found her self in the deep, chocolate, auburn ground, then it hit her, they're in the groundwater!

Tulip walked around looking only at darkness. All of a sudden, she bumps into someone knocking her down to the floor.

"Hey watch it!" Tulip snarled.

"Sorry didn't see you, what's your name?" The voice said.

"My name is Tulip what's yours?" Tulip asked questioning.

"Tulip is that you? It's me Aqua!" Aqua says excitedly

"Aqua is that really you! I can't believe it." Tulip said.

"Yes it is! Let's walk around and see what's under here." Aqua said.

"Ok but first meet Sprinkle!" Tulip shrieked. Tulip walked around and caught Sprinkle. She skipped towards him in a jolly way with her smiles big as the sun.

"Hi my name is Aqua! I'm Tulips old friend. It's nice to meet you!" Aqua said.

"It's nice to meet you to!" Sprinkle says. Sprinkle, Aqua and Tulip walked around in the deep groundwater that's seems to be dark, mystic, and even scary. One moment later, Sprinkle approached a wall that seemed to be blocking them from the deep sapphire ocean!

Before you know it, Aqua scooted back with a furious and bold face. She got into a position where she looked like she was going to run for the olympic gold medal. Then before you know it she charged for the barrier. Then it hit Sprinkle, the groundwater flow took them there! Then all of a sudden, Aqua started charging for the wall. "BOOM!" Water poured in taking Aqua, Sprinkle, and Tulip along with them! Before you know it we were all in the deep, dark, blue ocean!

Tulip never felt better along with the others who feel excited and energetic! Tulip and along with others were fascinated but the sight they were seeing. The ocean as waves that has a blue crevice but with a white across it edging it like white flames. Also, the fishes, turtles, sharks, and many more animals that make it unique in such way. Last, you can see the the moons light slash against the ocean surface causing it to shine bright lights through the dark sea.

4 Years Later

Tulip woke up with the sight she's seen for 4 years. They have seen the same waves, fish, animals, plants, and sand for every bright, and early morning they have woke up. Even though Tulip, Aqua, and Sprinkle have been accumulating in the ocean for years they still enjoy each day and are taking it to the fullest.

Tulip and Aqua have always still had the desire to go back to the river were the incredible journey began, but Sprinkle was the one who wanted to see it for the most considering Sprinkle hasn't seen the amazing desire it holds.

Then all of a sudden Tulip, Aqua, and Sprinkle started to float up. There legs were lifted off the ground hand her arms or hung over head.

"Are we evaporating!" Tulip said in horror.

"We are!" Sprinkle screams out.

One moment later, Tulip and her friends were on a fluffy pink cloud. Sprinkle face was sad and depressed as if we wanted something different.

"Hey it's ok! Even though we didn't get to the river this time I assure you the next time!" Aqua says with a daring face.

"Really?" Sprinkle says curiously.

"Yea, I promise we will go soon!" Aqua said. Sprinkle frown was now into a bright, big smile! Aqua always made people smile and has always brought the best out of people.

"Hello didn't mean to interrupt, but I couldn't help but over here that you guys always want to see the river. That's why I'm going to give you the magic in confidence and let you move anywhere as a water droplet!" The cloud god said.

"Really!" They all says in a trio.

"Yes, but there's a side effect. Everything works the same you will still either evaporate, condensate, transportation, precipitate, or collect. All you have to do is close your eyes and think where you want to go and a from then let the water cycle take you on the best journey of your life!" The cloud god said with a big smile across her face. All for sudden, bright, majestic, gorgeous magic flew out her maleficent hand and in and out of Tulip and her friends body. The magic didn't stop till it covered every inch of there self.

"It's done. Bye and I hope your life is a big of a adventure!" The cloud god says.

"Thank you much! I couldn't ask for more!" Sprinkle yelps.

"Same goes for use!" Aqua says. Afterwards Tulip and her friends take each other hands and covered there eyes. All of a sudden, they were evaporating!

Tulip, Sprinkle, and Aqua saw herself in the rapid river! The river was clear of any animals. Also, its clear, bright water fascinates them in many ways. Last, they love how peaceful, quiet, and how collected it is too,

"Ya we are here!" Sprinkle yells out.

"We are! I want you guys to all know is that the greatest adventure is what lies ahead! I couldn't ask for better friends than you guys to take on this journey with me!" Tulip replies.

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