Iñigo Manglano My remix

Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle was born in Madrid, Spain in 1961. Manglano spent his childhood years getting raised in Bogotá, Colombia to Chicago, Illinois. In the years he spent at college at Williams College and from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in art, art history, Latin American and Spanish literature. Manglano's photography focuses on intricate sculptures to natural forms from life (ex. clouds and DNA) to create metaphors that can be interpreted for social issues the world undergoes (gun-violence, immigration, etc.).

The blurred figure in the foreground is the first to capture the viewer's attention. It hints to the eye that it was in motion and makes you curious as to where they are heading; why them standing is more defined and visible compared to them in action. The photographer uses little color to emphasize the textures found in the content. There is an asymmetrical balance used with leading lines of the blocks bringing the viewer's eyes to the background. Manglano took this image to create a sense of disassociation and the feeling of being lonely and stuck. This photograph conveys an important social message that can be interpreted as the walls that hold human freedoms back. It likely has benefited others, allowing them to visualize their internal struggles and see how even when they are trying to move forward, there is something blocking their path.
The oddly shaped sculptures in the foreground is the first to capture the viewer's attention. They appear as clouds and trigger a sense of wonder for the viewer as to what the unique figures represent figuratively. The artist avoids the use of colors in this piece to emphasize the textures used in the photograph. In this, Manglano uses both leading lines to throw attention to the model as well as asymmetrical balance from the sculptures. The viewer gets a sense of the message "head in the clouds" and absentminded, unaware of out-world problems and social issues. These sculptures are very pretty in my eyes, and can symbolize many different concepts with how vague the sculptures are. Its lack of personal expression does negatively impact how I feel with these sculptures because of their difficult concept and placements. Clouds can be used in a number of ways but it needs to have a more defined, not specific, role.
The two figures standing at the center of the foreground is the first to capture the viewer's eye. The colors used are to visualize white noise and assist the models' poses, creating a calm effect. The lines in this photo assist the viewer's eyes to scope the whole image, not necessarily leading them to specific ares, but instead to give them a guidance in perspective. The compositional points used are leading lines, asymmetrical balance, and background. Looking at this photo gives the viewer a relaxed and focus mood, portraying the effects and visuals of white noise very well. Lastly, this photograph conveys a great interpretation for showing white noise as it brings the viewer a pleasant feeling yet not too distracting or bright, the visuals just right to convey the right mood.
The two silhouetted figures in the foreground are the first to capture the viewer's attention. Their stark color contrast to the background makes them stand out. The color choice used was to entice a feeling of stress and seriousness in the viewer's eyes. The compositional points used are asymmetrical balance, both people weighing the image equally in size and placement but not shape. The low-lighting also enhances a darker mood to the photo. In addition, this photograph visualizes distress from the background choice of rushed water. This artwork, while beautiful, also leaves me confused. I find it difficult to see more in depth what it symbolized other than the vague mood it offers.
In this photograph, the model at the center is the first to catch the viewer's attention. The vibrancy of then entire image leaves the eye more attentive to the details before them. The compositional points used are framing (the door bars) and cropping out the rest of the model's body. The lighting used enhances the model's shown efforts in their motions. They are cleaning the glass and allowing the clear lights to show through. Looking at this photo gives the viewer a feeling of a new beginning, the clear glass and bright lights are shown right in front of their eyes and are reachable enough for them to take a step forward into that future. This is a beautiful photograph by Manglano that communicates new beginnings in harsh social times. There is still ways to clean the mistakes and move on ahead.

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