A Fathers Promise Keira webb

Chapter 23 Josef's Return

In this chapter Josef comes back to Anna's. At first Rudi is milking the cows. Then he puts them back into the barn. He is trying to teach Sasha new tricks. Then Josef come to the door. Josef eats lunch and dinner with Rudi, Ingrid, and Anna. At dinner Josef started a fight . The fight ended up that Josef got Sasha the dog on him.

Chapter 24 A Hard Decision

Rudi can not sleep so, he wakes up Anna. Rudi makes tea for both of them.Rudi tells Anna about how he is going to leave for a little bit. He wanted her to tell Ingrid. Before he left he made Ingrid pencils and find a smooth rock. Next he goes to Josef and said that if anyone of his loved ones are hurt he will hurt him. Then Josef through a pitch fork at him. Rudi dodges itt. Then he treated him again. Rudi has. Rudi has been choking him up on the wall.

Chapter 25 The Passing Of The Night

Rudi is in the corn field because he herd a noise. Then he sees a man aprotcting and the men have German sholdiers. It's Oscar! They start to talk about Warsaw. Then Rudi starts to set off on his journey.

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