Final Exam Portfolio by: Jaiden kingma

Intro Write: I'm Jaiden Kingma, 16 and I've had very little art experience. I've drawn cars every since I was little and always enjoyed it but never took a class for it. Some future goals and dreams of mine is to go to college and graduate. After college I hopefully want to become either a video game designer (or QA testing for games) or become a Chef. I 100% enjoyed this class this semester. It's a nice chill relaxing and enjoyable class I had right in the middle of my day that helped me learn skills to draw better. Before this class I always use to draw things from what I had stored in my head rather then focusing on the image I saw. I leaned countless tips and tricks to help me draw as well (cross hair thing, drawing upside down, etc.).

Elements of Art/Drawing: We focused on contour lines, blind contour (drawining without looking) and drawing upside down. We drew upside down and did the blind contour to help our drawing skills. Instead of drawing something based on what you think it looks like, you draw what you see.

Positive/Negative Drawing: I decided to draw one of my favorite cars, the Nissan GTR. I had a ton of fun drawing this and was proud of myself after I finished although I wish I would've been lighter with some lines on this one. The negative space is the one half of the GTR where I tried to include the most detail possible.

Before/After Hand Drawings: In this drawing I focused on positive and negative spaces with value. Towards the tip of my fingers it was lighter, so I tried to do less shading there. I tried to include more value by having multiple shades by my palm and thumb area.

Profile: I was happy with the outcome of this drawing. I tried my best to include multiple values with solid contour lines.

Stippling Piece: For my stippling piece I went with another car, because why not? In this drawing our focus was suppose to be on value/texture. We could only use a sharpie pen and only make dots. No contour lines where allowed. To add texture and value in this piece I included more and closer dots. However, I made the mistake of outlining the car in dots.

Still life: So one day we came into class and this collage of objects was set in the middle of the room. We had to choose which side we were gonna focus on and I went for the skeleton/wheel side. I tried my best to include texture and shape. I tried to show the texture of the bone by using light lines while keeping it a rough white. For the wheel I included the lines in the tire with shading.

Scratchboard: I enjoyed the scratchboard tremendously, but I wish I would've chose a different picture to draw. I messed out by cutting the outline instead of focusing on value. Next time I would focus more on making the different values come to life.

2-Point Persepective Drawing: In this drawing the goal was to focus on horizon, vanishing point, and vertical/horizontal lines. I took a picture of the area by the main office and the hallway on the way to the rotunda. I used a ruler to make sure my vertical/horizontal lines didn't change even when they were shorter/towards my vanishing points.

A Before and After Self-Portrait: I'm beyond proud of this portrait. This is by far one of the best things I've ever drawn. We spent weeks practicing drawing ears, mouths, noses, eyes and hair. I worked so hard to make this piece come to life and couldn't be happier.

Ruscha Ribbon Drawing: I really liked the idea of this piece and I feel like it came out alright.

Closing Statement: Some challenges I found was some ideas I had, I couldn't get down in paper and I sometimes got frustrated. I enjoyed this class so much and it helped me with a old hobbie of mine, drawing. I will always remember the fun and tips I had in this class.

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